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I followed the YouTube tutorial in the comment, but am still unable to make my sprites or labels have a bloom effect. Nothing works, pls help.

Godot version 3.2.3
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What tutorial did you follow? What exactly doesn't work? I can't help you with so little information. Are you using a shader?

Okay what do you have right now?

Nothing, it's not working

I'm not using a shader

I followed the tutorial and it worked. You must be missing something.

Are you using GLES2 or GLES3? It doesn't work on GLES2.

You have various options you must try. Make sure you set you Intensity, Strength, Bloom etc according to your desire. Also if you are using Gles2 then the HDR threshold must be below 1 for the glow to be visible. Play around with the settings. Maybe your Intensity or Strength level is low ?

Thanks for the tip man! But I have another problem, I can see the text glow in the project editor but for some reason it doesn't glow when I start the game.

Maybe you tweak Framebuffer allocation. This happen to me before because I accidentally tweak it into "2D" which for some reason doesn't work.
Try reverting it into 3D

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