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Tab container is almost perfect but there is a flaw. You can't customize the name of the tab in real-time.
Does anyone know how to customize the tab's name real-time?

Godot version 3.3
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What do you mean? The name of the tab changes to match the name of the child node.

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Someting like this:

onready var tabs:TabContainer = $TabContainer

func _ready():
    tabs.set_tab_title(0, "Tab 1")
    tabs.set_tab_title(1, "Tab 2")
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Here's my solution from a previous question:

You can use tab_selected(int tab) signal from each tab and trigger a one shot timer whenever a click event is received. If a click occurred while the timer is active (double click), popup a dialog that contains a LineEdit, confirmation button and a cancel button. when the user confirms, use set_tab_title() to edit the title.

Make sure you pass up the tab number from tab_selected(int tab) so that you know which tab to change its title.

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