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I'm trying to display a var as text in a different node and need the var from the player one

Godot version 3.2.3
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I'm a beginner, so I could easily be wrong, but at the top of the script, where it says "extends 'X' ", you can type in the script you want the variable from.

the extends x is what the script is attached to, so that wouldn't work. Thanks though!

I skipped the Extends Node but I think you can get it.

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Get the node that has the variable and then reference it like any other property.

Here's an example:


var property = "some property"


onready var player = $Player
var property = player.property
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I'm fairly new to Godot, can you explain how I do that? you could just give me an example if you want. Thanks!

Already did. Refresh the page.

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