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I have multiple scenes and all of them have buttons. What Im trying to do is have 1 global SamplePlayer and when any button is pressed mysample is played.


Tried code above but for this I need SamplePlayer in every scene...
When im trying to create global sample.gd I dont know how to setup sample library.

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To keep it visual, a scene (tscn/scn) with a sampleplayer can be added as autoload, then:

#if the sampleplayer is root on autoloaded scene (check remote inspector tree)

A has_node check first may be good.

Or better, add it to a group too, then on the buttons:

get_tree().call_group(0, "global_sample_group", "play","mysample")

This will work even if the global is not loaded (like for tests) so you wont have to check has_node all the time.

There are many other ways to work with groups.

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So I have to create new scene just with sampleplayer - make it autoload and then i can call it from any scene right?

Exactly, is useful for cases where you have a common scene for the whole game (like music, backgrounds...).

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