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I have a minimap(viewport) that shows the whole map, but is there a way to make lighting not render in it because it gets really laggy

Godot version 3.2.2
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There should be a way of doing it. Check the viewport settings, try to find "unshaded" or something along those lines, I remember doing it.

When I'm on PC I'll try to find it for you.

no, I couldn't find that property, or is it a material you want me to add?

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For any viewport you can disable lighting like this:

  1. Select viewport
  2. Go to the inspector window
  3. Find the "rendering" fold-out group
  4. Find "debug draw" at the bottom of the new group
  5. Click "disabled" to open the menu
  6. Select "unshaded" in the menu

Your viewport should no longer use lighting.

But, you can use other stuff for viewport optimizations too if it's still laggy. Probably most useful will be making the viewport's size smaller, or putting the Viewport in a ViewportContainer and changing "stretch shrink" to a number like 4.

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Thanks for responding! I tried this out, but the viewport still appears to be rendering light effects... I tried this on the main viewport too, but it still renders light effects, but It's ok since I found a short-term solution for now though.

but thanks anyways

Note that debug draw modes are only supported when using the GLES3 renderer, not GLES2.

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The best way to avoid performance issues when using a minimap is to make its viewport render only once, instead of rendering every frame.

If you absolutely need world elements to update in real-time, then update the viewport manually at a lower rate using a Timer node (e.g. 5 times per second).

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ok thanks for answering, but I planned to delete it to completely avoid this issue, but thanks for answering though.

is there a way I can close this issue?

There is no process to close questions, but you can mark one of the answers as accepted by clicking the check mark next to it :)

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