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It's not only me but a lot of people in the Godot community would like to have a better quality feeling scroll container. To achieve this I would prefer to use this website as a reference: https://idiotwu.github.io/smooth-scrollbar/

Any idea, how to achieve exactly this feeling in GDScript (including touch support)?

Godot version Godot 3.2.3 stable
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There is a pull request that implemented this, but it needs to be salvaged and rebased on the latest master branch before it can be considered for merging again.

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Although, there is a a pull request for inertia scrolling, this won’t add any possibillities to tweak the smoothness. There isn‘t even an „overdrag“ or any further customisation. So I started developing my own SmoothScroll node.

It already supports scroll feel, bar and „overdrag“-customisation.
However, it is still in development and looking for contributors:

So if you really need a smooth scroll for your game, tweaking some properties and code of my addon‘s node will be the fastest way a achieve good results:

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