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I wanna make a game with similar graphics to old Wolfenstein and Doom games . So I wanna add png files as mashes . Is there any way to do it or I need to create mashes from blender which is very thin ?

Godot version 3.2
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Try using Sprite3D nodes for the enemy images. Also look at using the "Billboard" property of spatial materials.

What about using MeshInstances with a QuadMesh as mesh and then setting a texture? Yes I know, horrible advice. Convoluted to edit and manage. Use Blender :D

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Yuh, you gotta use Blender. Or if you're lazy, you can just make a material with your image and plop that material onto a capsule shape. Then it'd be a capsule (like a pill) shape that just has your image on it. Which is probably not what you mean, so I think you have to use Blender.

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