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//Json parser

extends Node

var item_data: Dictionary

func _ready():

    item_data = _LoadData("res://Data/ItemData.json")

func _LoadData(file_path):
    var json_data
    var file_data = File.new()

    file_data.open(file_path, File.READ)
    json_data = JSON.parse(file_data.get_as_text())
    return json_data.result

    "Tree Branch": {
        "ItemCategory": "Resource",
        "StackSize": 99,
        "Description": "A sturdy tree branch that can be used for crafting."
    "Potion": {
        "ItemCategory": "Consumable",
        "AddHealth": 5,
        "AddEnergy": 32,
        "StackSize": 99,
        "Description": "It smells like medicine."
    "Iron Sword": {
        "ItemCategory": "Sword",
        "ItemAttack": 3,
        "ItemSpeed": 0.75,
        "StackSize": 1,
        "Description": "Quite a rusty sword, but should be able to get the job done."


extends Node2D

var item_name
var item_quantity

func _ready():
    var rand_val = randi() % 3
    if rand_val == 0:
        item_name = "Iron Sword"
    elif rand_val == 1:
        item_name = "Tree Branch"
        item_name = "Potion"

    $TextureRect.texture = load("res://item_icons/" + item_name + ".png")
    var stack_size = int(JsonData.item_data[item_name]["StackSize"])
    item_quantity = randi() % stack_size + 1

    if stack_size == 1:
        $Label.visible = false
        $Label.text = String(item_quantity)

func add_item_quantity(amount_to_add):
    item_quantity += amount_to_add
    $Label.text = String(item_quantity)

func decrease_item_quantity(amount_to_remove):
    item_quantity -= amount_to_remove
    $Label.text = String(item_quantity)
Godot version 3.2.3
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What is the error you get? (Or is there one?)

There is no error. It just won't parse the data

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My save game loading code which works perfectly:

func read_file():
    var save_game = File.new()
    if not save_game.file_exists("user://savegame.save"):
        state = empty_save

    save_game.open("user://savegame.save", File.READ)
    state = parse_json(save_game.get_as_text())
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Would this work with my code ?

You will have to put it in and adjust it if necessary, but it wil work

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