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Hello, when i add an empty button in a PanelContainer in the editor toolbar via add_control_to_container(CONTAINER_TOOLBAR, the tool bar is resized vertically. Is it possible to avoid that ?

I have tried several things but nothing works, it seems that the minimum height of my PanelContainer (by default 14*14) is modified to a bigger value but i don't find why.

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Are you sure the Control you add to the toolbar (and everything inside it) is set to have a smaller size? Did you also checked margins?

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Yes, the button is empty, this is some code:

extends EditorPlugin
var panel
func entertree():
panel = PanelContainer.new()
var b = Button.new()
childcount(), b.getchildcount())
margin(MARGINTOP), b.getmargin(MARGINLEFT), b.getmargin(MARGINRIGHT), b.getmargin(MARGINBOTTOM))
margin(MARGINTOP), panel.getmargin(MARGINLEFT), panel.getmargin(MARGINRIGHT), panel.getmargin(MARGINBOTTOM))
minimumsize(), b.getminimumsize())
controltocontainer(CONTAINERTOOLBAR, panel)
minimumsize(), b.getminimum_size())


1 0 # children
0 0 0 0 # margins
0 0 0 0
(14, 14) (12, 20) # min size before
(26, 37) (12, 23) # min size after

The height of the other panels is 29.

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You have to use a margin container.

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