Press Kit

Godot Engine logos

Make sure to use the SVG logos instead of PNG whenever possible to benefit from better scaling and lower file sizes.

Godot logos are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Large horizontal logo

This is the "traditional" logo and should be used whenever possible.

Small horizontal logo

Use this alternative logo when displaying the logo at small sizes (typically less than 100 pixels tall).

Vertical logo

Use this alternative logo if the horizontal space available to display the traditional logo is insufficient.

Godot Engine icons

Godot Engine naming and pronunciation

The name Godot Engine should always be written in Title Case. Also, Godot should be written with only one capital letter – it's not "GoDot".

Godot is named after the play Waiting for Godot, and is usually pronounced like in the play. Different languages have different pronunciations for Godot and we find it beautiful.

Logo and icon usage guidelines

More design resources

You can find more design resources such as artwork and 4K editor screenshots in the godot-design repository on GitHub.