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Godot 3.5: Can't stop won't stop

By: Rémi Verschelde 5 August 2022

After 9 months of development, Godot 3.5 is out and it comes fully packed with features and quality of life improvements! This includes a new Navigation system, 3D physics interpolation, Label3D and TextMesh, an Android editor port, asynchronous shader compilation, and more!

Maintenance release: Godot 3.4.5

By: Rémi Verschelde 2 August 2022

Maintenance release to provide a handful of bug fixes to users of the current 3.4 stable branch. Notable changes: Android target API 31, thirdparty library updates, ignore unexpected S3TC support on Android for GLES3.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.4.4

By: Rémi Verschelde 23 March 2022

Godot 3.4.4 is a bugfix focused release to solve some regressions found in last month's 3.4.3 release, as well as a number of other pre-existing issues.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.4.3

By: Rémi Verschelde 25 February 2022

In parallel to our work on the upcoming feature releases Godot 3.5 and 4.0, we backport important fixes to the stable 3.4 branch for use in production. After several weeks of user testing, we're now ready to release Godot 3.4.3 as a maintenance update for all users.

Godot OpenXR 1.1.1 Plugin Release

By: Fredia Huya-Kouadio 26 January 2022

Announcement for the release of the 1.1.1 Godot OpenXR plugin. The release includes several features including updated XR documentation, support for Meta Passthrough api and support for OpenXR hand tracking api.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.4.2

By: Rémi Verschelde 22 December 2021

A macOS rendering regression found its way into the recent 3.4.1 release, so we're publishing Godot 3.4.2 as a hotfix to solve it, as well as a few other minor issues.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.4.1

By: Rémi Verschelde 17 December 2021

Godot 3.4.1 is the first maintenance release in the 3.4 stable branch, fixing a number of issues (including some 3.4 regressions) while preserving compatibility with 3.4-stable. Alongside general bugfixing, it improves Godot's compatibility with Windows 11's new Windows Terminal, which prevented starting the Godot editor from the project manager.

Godot 3.4 is released with major features and UX polish

By: Rémi Verschelde 6 November 2021

Godot 3.4 is finally released with a number of major new features and a focus on backporting UX improvements from the in-development 4.0 release. This new release adds portal occlusion culling, a revamped UI theme editor, glTF scene export, an animation RESET track, large files support, a lot of physics improvements and fixes, and more!

Maintenance release: Godot 3.3.4

By: Rémi Verschelde 1 October 2021

Godot 3.3.4 is a maintenance release and a recommended update for all Godot 3.x users. It includes various bug fixes, most notably a fix for a potential editor crash in 3.3.3.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.3.3

By: Rémi Verschelde 19 August 2021

Godot 3.3.3 is a maintenance release and a recommend update for all 3.3.x users. It includes important bug fixes, as well as support for new Google Play requirements for Android games.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.3.2

By: Rémi Verschelde 24 May 2021

Here's a new bugfix release for the 3.3 branch, fixing some regressions in Godot 3.3.1 (notably some crash conditions) and a handful of other minor issues.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.3.1

By: Rémi Verschelde 18 May 2021

We released Godot 3.3 a few weeks ago, and feedback so far has been pretty good! But like with any major milestone, there are some bugs which are worth addressing with low-risk maintenance releases to further improve the experience for all Godot users. Godot 3.3.1 focuses purely on bug fixes, and aims to preserve compatibility.

Godot 3.3 has arrived, with a focus on optimization and reliability

By: Rémi Verschelde 21 April 2021

All Godot contributors are delighted to release our latest milestone today, Godot 3.3, after more than 7 months of development! This release was initially planned as a 3.2.4 update to the 3.2 branch, but it grew to become a feature-packed update well worth of opening a new stable branch.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.2.3

By: Rémi Verschelde 17 September 2020

Godot contributors are proud to release Godot 3.2.3 as a maintenance update to the stable 3.2 branch. The main development focus for this version was to fix regressions reported against the fairly big 3.2.2 release from June, but in the process many other bugfixes for older issues have been merged.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.2.2

By: Rémi Verschelde 26 June 2020

Godot contributors are happy to release version 3.2.2 of our free and open source game engine. It adds various features such as C# support for iOS, 2D batching for the GLES2 renderer, a new plugin system for Android, DTLS support in the networking API, and more! Numerous bugs have been fixed and the documentation and translations have been greatly enhanced.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.2.1

By: Rémi Verschelde 10 March 2020

Our current stable version, Godot 3.2, was released at the end of January as a major upgrade to all features and the usability of the engine. But as with any software release, there are always things that can still be improved and bugs that can be fixed, and as such we plan to release frequent maintenance releases for the 3.2 branch, to make it ever more enjoyable and reliable to work with. This first Godot 3.2.1 release aims to address the main regressions noticed in 3.2, as well as fixing more preexisting bugs and improving usability and documentation.

Here comes Godot 3.2, with quality as priority

By: Rémi Verschelde 29 January 2020

Godot contributors are thrilled and delighted to release our newest major update, Godot 3.2! It's the result of over 10 months of work by close to 450 contributors who authored more than 6000 commits! Godot 3.2 is a major improvement over our previous 3.1 installment, bringing dozens of major features and hundreds of bugfixes and enhancements to bring our game developers an ever-improving feature set with a strong focus on usability.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.1.2

By: Rémi Verschelde 29 November 2019

While Godot 3.2 is shaping up nicely in the late beta stage, it's time for a long overdue update to the stable 3.1 branch: Godot 3.1.2 is now released with over 400 commits worth of bug fixes and improvements over the previous 3.1.1 version.

Maintenance release: Godot 2.1.6

By: Rémi Verschelde 11 July 2019

Godot 2.1.6 is a maintenance update for users of Godot's older 2.1 stable branch. It fixes a few platform-specific bugs, and updates Android and iOS export templates to match new requirements of Google Play and the Apple Store.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.1.1

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam 27 April 2019

Godot 3.1.1-stable is released, the first maintenance release of the 3.1 series. In this release we've fixed an important security issue related to networking, added some nice quality of life improvements to the animation editor, and fixed several bugs.

Godot 3.1 is out, improving usability and features

By: Juan Linietsky 13 March 2019

After a bit more than one year of work, the Godot developers and contributors are delighted to get their new release out the door, Godot 3.1! It brings much-requested improvements to usability and many important features. Godot 3.1 is more mature and easy to use, and it does away with many hurdles introduced in the previous versions.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.0.6

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam 29 July 2018

Godot 3.0.6 fixes an important security issue. In addition we've added the 'headless' build for CI use and fixed several C# issues.

Maintenance release: Godot 2.1.5

By: Rémi Verschelde 28 July 2018

Godot 2.1.5 is released with hundreds of bug fixes and enhancements made by the community over the last 11 months! It features various distribution changes for Android and iOS, as well as new platform features like hardware cursor acceleration and multitouch events. The binaries now come with the same crash handler as Godot 3.0, and dozens of improvements have been made to the "Godot 2 to 3 converter" which you can use to port your Godot 2 projects to the new format. Last but not least, this release fixes security vulnerabilities in Godot's marshalling code (also going to be fixed in Godot 3.0.6 in coming hours) which can affect Godot servers.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.0.5

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam 8 July 2018

In Godot 3.0.5 we've fixed the Android APK export issue, a C# bug that only appeared on exported games, and several other small things. Get it while the gettin's good!

Maintenance release: Godot 3.0.4

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam 22 June 2018

Godot 3.0.4 is a small release that fixes a crasher in the asset library on Windows. If you were affected by this please upgrade. Otherwise we'll come back with a larger 3.0.5 soon!