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Fog Volumes arrive in Godot 4.0

By: Clay John 6 July 2022

On top of the existing fixed-function fog, Godot 4.0 introduces a new type of fog: Volumetric Fog. For the 4.0 release, we decided to take Volumetric Fog one step further with the addition of FogVolumes. These allow users to dynamically place fog and control complex fog effects with shaders.

Godot XR update - February 2022

By: Bastiaan Olij 27 February 2022

Updates on various things XR in Godot, a new version of the OpenXR plugin, a new version of the tools library and an update on Godot 4 support.

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (part 1)

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 27 November 2021

The long-awaited first post about the multiplayer replication system in development for Godot 4.0 is here! Check out the design goals, concepts, initial prototype, and as always, stay tuned for more!

Improvements to shaders and visual shaders in Godot 4.0

By: Yuri Roubinsky 1 November 2021

A quick overview of upcoming changes for the shader language and visual shader systems in Godot 4.0.

Animation data rework for 4.0

By: Juan Linietsky 1 November 2021

One of the last areas pending for redesign in upcoming Godot 4.0 has now been completed, resulting in much improved usability when dealing animation data.

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: ENet wrappers, WebRTC

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 27 October 2021

A more powerful ENet interface for better multiplayer in Godot 4, updates about WebRTC, hints at the new scene replication API.

Introducing GDNative's successor, GDExtension

By: Bastiaan Olij 27 September 2021

Godot is getting a new plugin interface called GDExtension, an evolution of GDNative.

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: RPC syntax, channels, ordering

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 25 September 2021

New RPC syntax and features in Godot 4.0. Introducing channels and ordered transfer mode.

Tiles editor progress report #5

By: Gilles Roudiere 23 September 2021

New progress report on the tiles editors rework. Compatibility with 3.x got improved, TileMap layers and physics shape editing are now implemented. Also, a new property arrays editor is now available in the inspector.

Agile input processing is here for smoother, more responsive gameplay

By: Pedro J. Estébanez 21 August 2021

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: On servers, RSETs and state updates

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 5 August 2021

News about running Godot on servers, and hints at upcoming networking changes in Godot 4.0.

GSoC 2021 - Progress report #1

By: Rémi Verschelde 30 July 2021

For the 2021 edition of the Google Summer of Code, we have 5 students working on great features for Godot Engine: DAP backend, pseudolocalization, soft-body improvements, auto-layout in GraphEdit, and a command palette!

Godot XR progress update June 2021

By: Bastiaan Olij 4 July 2021

June 2021 update of the recent work done in relation to XR support in Godot.

Godot Web progress report #9: Godot Scripts <-> JavaScript Interface

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 30 June 2021

No need to "eval"! A whole new interface to interact with JavaScript from Godot Scripts in Web exports, and a new API to prompt the user to download a file generated by Godot.

Tiles editor progress report #4

By: Gilles Roudiere 17 June 2021

Tiles editor progress report #4, with tiles properties painting and scene-based tiles support.

Godot Web progress report #8: Progressive Web Apps

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 16 June 2021

One-click Progressive Web Apps are coming to Godot, along with easier testing for your HTML5 exports.

GDScript progress report: Feature-complete for 4.0

By: George Marques 2 June 2021

GDScript is now feature-complete for the upcoming Godot 4.0 version. This article goes through the last bits that were added: typed arrays, lambda functions, builtin static methods, plus a few extra changes for optimization and bug-fixing.

Physics progress report #1

By: Camille Mohr-Daurat 19 May 2021

Update on Godot physics engine improvements: test framework, bug fixing, new features and optimizations.

Godot Web progress report #7: Virtual keyboard on the Web, better HTTPClient

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 16 April 2021

Experimental virtual keyboard support coming to Godot HTML5 exports, along with improved support to many HTTP-based APIs.

Tiles editor progress report #3

By: Gilles Roudiere 12 April 2021

A new progress report on the TileMap and TIleSet editors rework.

Editor improvements for Godot 4.0

By: Juan Linietsky 29 March 2021

If you are following my progress, you might have noticed that I took a two month break from rendering to work on many long standing editor improvements and features.

Web Editor PWA, easier HTML customizations, and faster load times!

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 20 March 2021

Godot on the Web is feeling more and more like native, getting performance improvements (20% faster load time), easier customizations, and more!

Godot OpenXR support

By: Bastiaan Olij 18 March 2021

An update on the current work being rounded off adding OpenXR support to Godot 3 through a plugin and the planned work for Godot 4.

Tiles editor progress report #2

By: Gilles Roudiere 5 February 2021

The TileMap and TileSet editors got a lot of improvements. Most of the painting tools are now implemented again and usability has been greatly improved.

Web Editor release candidate, HTML5 gamepads and more!

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 4 February 2021

The Web Editor has reached release candidate state, improved HTML5 gamepad support allows supporting more devices out of the box.