Godot Wild Jam

By: Max Hilbrunner Oct 10 - 2018

While the GodotCon in Poznań is ongoing (Livestream here!), our awesome community could not wait for the next official Godot Jam and just got one started on their own: The Godot Wild Jam.

Schedule for GodotCon 2018 in Poznań

By: Rémi Verschelde Oct 07 - 2018

GodotCon 2018 Poznań will be on October 10 & 11, and we have a great line-up of speakers from the Godot community who will share insights in their Godot-related work and workflow. Core contributors of the engine will also be there to introduce attendees to the inner workings of a Free and Open Source project like Godot, where everyone can get involved!

Godot Slides: gamified slideshows made in Godot

By: Nathan GDquest Oct 05 - 2018

Build beautiful and gamified presentations with Godot Slides 2.0! The project ships with a 10 minutes multilingual pitch for you to give at gamedev meetups and other events, to introduce students to the engine... It's all drag-and-drop and, as you'd expect, open source.

Become a Godot contributor for Hacktoberfest 2018

By: Rémi Verschelde Oct 01 - 2018

Hacktoberfest 2018 has started, and you can contribute to Godot to earn a T-shirt (and experience!). Digital Ocean and GitHub sponsor this event that encourages everyone to contribute to any free and open source project on GitHub, including Godot's repositories. All pull requests count, so you can work either on the engine source code or on the documentation - there are things to do for everyone!

Welcoming our new gold sponsor: ImageCampus

By: Juan Linietsky Sep 21 - 2018

Godot gets a new Gold sponsor! In this case, we are welcoming Image Campus, an education institution located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which specializes in animation, digital art and video games.

Godot gets a new FileSystem dock for 3.1

By: Gilles Roudiere Sep 21 - 2018

Godot's FileSystem dock gets an improved tree view mode with files included in the tree, with thumbnails. This makes it much easier to go through project files from a single dock. Various improvements are also done to the favorites usability, right-click menu and the split view mode.

Simplex noise lands in Godot 3.1

By: Joan Fons Sep 19 - 2018

Simplex noise generation has just landed in Godot 3.1, using the unencumbered OpenSimplex implementation. It allows generation of 2D, 3D and 4D noise with a few lines of code with applications for procedural generation and visual effects.

Hero wanted! (3.1 version)

By: Juan Linietsky Sep 08 - 2018

Looking for a good chance to learn about Godot internals and development? Want to become a hero and help with the release of Godot 3.1? This is your chance!

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.1 alpha 1

By: Rémi Verschelde Aug 31 - 2018

Godot 3.1 is shaping up nicely, and the master branch is finally ready for wider testing from the community. With this snapshot, we're entering the alpha stage and focus will now be solely on bug fixing and stabilizing the development version, up until we release Godot 3.1-stable.

Meet the community at GodotCon Poznań 2018

By: Rémi Verschelde Aug 28 - 2018

We're organizing a new GodotCon in Poznań, Poland on Wed 10 & Thu 11 October 2018, right before the Game Industry Conference (same location). Our lead developer Juan Linietsky will be there (flying in from Argentina), as well as many other core developers and Godot users, and we'd love you to join us there!

Soft Body in Godot 3.1

By: Andrea Catania Aug 07 - 2018

It is now possible to create cloth simulation and soft bodies by just adding a node. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a **Soft Ball** and a **Cloak**.

Skeleton Inverse Kinematic - Godot 3.1

By: Andrea Catania Aug 05 - 2018

Skeleton Inverse kinematic announcement with tutorial video

Maintenance release: Godot 3.0.6

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam Jul 29 - 2018

Godot 3.0.6 fixes an important security issue. In addition we've added the 'headless' build for CI use and fixed several C# issues.

Maintenance release: Godot 2.1.5

By: Rémi Verschelde Jul 28 - 2018

Godot 2.1.5 is released with hundreds of bug fixes and enhancements made by the community over the last 11 months! It features various distribution changes for Android and iOS, as well as new platform features like hardware cursor acceleration and multitouch events. The binaries now come with the same crash handler as Godot 3.0, and dozens of improvements have been made to the "Godot 2 to 3 converter" which you can use to port your Godot 2 projects to the new format. Last but not least, this release fixes security vulnerabilities in Godot's marshalling code (also going to be fixed in Godot 3.0.6 in coming hours) which can affect Godot servers.

Why we broke your PR

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam Jul 25 - 2018

As some of you probably noticed a lot of PRs on the backlog now need a rebase because of PR 20137