Dev snapshot: Godot 3.2 beta 6

By: Rémi Verschelde Jan 11 - 2020

After a very busy week with many important bug fixes (plus a bunch of low risk enhancements and a lot of documentation updates), here's Godot 3.2 beta 6! As mentioned in the previous post, we're close to the Release Candidate stage and I hesitated to name this build as such. Since there were a number of big changes though I opted for making it another beta, and if all goes well testing it we should have a RC 1 in coming days.

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.2 beta 5

By: Rémi Verschelde Jan 03 - 2020

Happy new year! After a brief holiday where contributors kept fixing many issues, we now release Godot 3.2 beta 5 to iterate upon the relatively good state that we had with the previous beta. Both the master branch and the official buildsystem are now starting to be quite reliable, and we should be ready for a release candidate soon.

A decade in retrospective and future

By: Juan Linietsky Dec 31 - 2019

The dawn of a new decade looms and there is a lot of excitement about the future of Godot! But it was not always like this, as the previous decade did not go as expected..

HTML5 export profiling for Godot 4.0

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Dec 28 - 2019

HTML5 debug export profiling is coming for Godot 4.0

Godot Oculus Quest support

By: Bastiaan Olij Dec 23 - 2019

Godot works on the Oculus Quest, find out more about getting up and running if you want to play around with it early.

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.2 beta 4

By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 18 - 2019

After another two weeks since our previous beta build, here comes Godot 3.2 beta 4, bringing back the Mono build for all supported platforms (including Android and WebAssembly, new in Godot 3.2).

New Godot T-shirt design: Call for content

By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 12 - 2019

In preparation for the next GodotCon in February 2020, we're planning to make new T-shirts with Godot branding to sell to contributors and engine users, as well as visitors at FOSDEM. This year, we'd like to give our wonderful community the opportunity to contribute T-shirt concepts that we could choose from, so that our 2020 T-shirt design is as good as it can be!

Meet the community at FOSDEM and GodotCon 2020

By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 05 - 2019

Once again we will be at FOSDEM in Brussels with a Godot stand, and for the first time some of us also organize a game development-focused devroom at FOSDEM. And as usual, we organize our GodotCon event right next to the FOSDEM, on 3 & 4 February 2020 in Brussels. For Godot contributors, we will also have our usual Godot Sprint on 30 & 31 January 2020.

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.2 beta 3

By: Rémi Verschelde Dec 04 - 2019

Many fixes have been applied since our previous beta build, encompassing rendering issues, port-specific issues notably on iOS and Windows, and many other fixes all around the editor. Due to issues with our build process, this release does not include the usual Mono build, but we are hard at work to fix it and provide a Mono build again with 3.2 beta 4.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.1.2

By: Rémi Verschelde Nov 29 - 2019

While Godot 3.2 is shaping up nicely in the late beta stage, it's time for a long overdue update to the stable 3.1 branch: Godot 3.1.2 is now released with over 400 commits worth of bug fixes and improvements over the previous 3.1.1 version.

WebSocket SSL server, HTTP server for testing HTML5 builds

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Nov 28 - 2019

More networking improvements are coming in 3.2. WebSocketServer now has SSL support, and users can now test HTML5 export from the editor with one click.

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.2 beta 2

By: Rémi Verschelde Nov 22 - 2019

We now release Godot 3.2 beta 2 with two weeks of bug fixes over the previous snapshot. Notable changes include the addition of WebAssembly export templates for the Mono build, as well as C# 8 support via Mono 6.6.0 Preview.

Interblock supports Godot development

By: Rémi Verschelde Nov 20 - 2019

We are happy to announce that Interblock is now supporting Godot's development as Platinum sponsor! For this occasion, we asked them to share some words about the company, why they choose to support Godot and their plans to use the engine for their products.

C# progress report: WebAssembly, MonoDevelop and AOT

By: Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry Nov 15 - 2019

Godot 3.2 brings WebAssembly support for C# games. There is also a new extension for Visual Studio for Mac and MonoDevelop and preliminary support for AOT compilation.

Release candidate: Godot 3.1.2 RC 1

By: Rémi Verschelde Nov 13 - 2019

It's been over 6 months since Godot 3.1.1-stable, so the upcoming 3.1.2 release is both long overdue and accordingly packed with important bug fixes and enhancements. As we cherry-picked close to 400 commits to the 3.1 branch since the previous release, extensive testing is necessary to ensure that no regression crept in under disguise of a bugfix. This is why we publish this release candidate for 3.1.2 to gather test reports from the community.