Dev snapshot: Godot 3.0.3 RC 2

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam May 14 - 2018

This is the second release candidate for what will become Godot 3.0.3. In this release we overhauled the new buildsystem (again) and fixed quite a few bugs. Please go forth and test!

GLES2 and GDNative, progress report #5

By: Thomas Herzog May 07 - 2018

The progress of last month was largely defined by stabilizing the 3D renderer with many smaller fixes, but work on the PRB side of things has begun and the GDNative system also saw some quality-of-life changes again, with improvements to the GDNativeLibrary resource as well as an API to provide safe type-casting in NativeScript.

Godot gets 2D skeletal deform

By: Juan Linietsky May 04 - 2018

Currently, Godot is pretty comfortable for doing 2D cutout animation, with several games in development making use of this feature. A very common request, though, was the ability to do custom mesh deformation based on the same bones used to animate separate parts. This would allow deforming such parts, for a more organic animation feel.

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.0.3 RC 1

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam May 02 - 2018

This is the first release candidate for what will become Godot 3.0.3. In this release we have initial support for Mono export for desktop platforms. Please test this release and report bugs!

Godot gets CSG support

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 28 - 2018

After years of discussion on how to implement CSG, Godot finally gets suport for it. This implementation is simple, but makes use of Godot's amazing architecture to shine.

Godot in Google Summer of Code 2018

By: George Marques Apr 24 - 2018

Godot has been accepted into the Google Summer of Code program in 2018. This summer we will have 5 students working on new features to the engine.

Introducing the new axis handling system

By: Gilles Roudiere Apr 22 - 2018

For the past months, popular demand has been growing for a way to propery map controller axes in Godot. For a long time Godot was only able to map a single event to an action, making it impossible to deal with analog strengths. Today (after months of discussions), this problem has been solved, and it only took very little amount of changes to the current input mapping system!

Godot's documentation is now open for translation

By: Rémi Verschelde Apr 17 - 2018

Godot has been around for over 4 years, and localized documentation in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Russian and many other languages has always been a very requested feature. After a lot of documentation work to ensure that we have a good original English content to translate from, and some more work on setting up a convenient infrastructure for translating and keeping translations up to date, we are now ready to welcome contributions!

GLES2 and GDNative, progress report #4

By: Thomas Herzog Apr 16 - 2018

Latest update on the GLES2 and GDNative developments. This month, a lot of time has been spend on refactoring the way materials work together with shaders, but also the C++ bindings got some nice new make-up!

Godot project management 101

By: Rémi Verschelde Mar 27 - 2018

As we just reached our third goal on Patreon, we are now able to hire Rémi Verschelde (Akien) as full-time project manager and representative! In this article, he gives some insights on what brought him to Godot, how he helped organize the teamwork and became the de facto project manager, as well as plans for the future.

Godot is doing well at GDC 2018!

By: Juan Linietsky Mar 25 - 2018

I went to GDC yet again (this time GDC 2018) trying to see how Godot is doing at the game industry. To my surprise this time, it was quite different..

Dev snapshot: Godot 2.1.5 RC 1

By: Rémi Verschelde Mar 24 - 2018

Feedback has been quite good on the past two beta builds for the upcoming Godot 2.1.5 (providing legacy support for users of Godot 2), so we're now publishing a release candidate. If all goes well (no new regression reported), that should more or less be the 2.1.5 final release. So make sure to test it thoroughly!

GLES2 and GDNative, progress report #3

By: Thomas Herzog Mar 21 - 2018

Another month, another progress report! This time with the early beginnings of 3D rendering in GLES2 and some GDNative ecosystem updates.

Sketchfab integrates with Godot

By: Pedro J. Estébanez Mar 20 - 2018

Sketchfab is a well-known site where you can browse a big library of 3D models and download them for use in your own projects. Many of them are free, covered by open licenses. They have just announced their download API, which allows third-parties to integrate with it, giving any application access to hundreds of thousands of models in glTF, a standard format that many tools, Godot included, understand. They have integrations for other famous game engines, like Unity and Unreal and have decided to provide an official plugin for Godot!

Dev snapshot: Godot 2.1.5 beta 2

By: Rémi Verschelde Mar 15 - 2018

One step closer to releasing 2.1.5 (our "old stable" branch) with this new beta 2 build! If you are still working with Godot 2.1 for any reason, make sure to give it a try and ensure that your projects still work as intended. If all goes well we will soon make a release candidate build and then the stable one.