Godot Sprint Poznań 2019

GodotCon Poznań 2019 banner

The two days before GodotCon and the Game Industry Conference, we organize our second Godot Sprint, with the intent for contributors to meet IRL and get some work done! This contributor sprint will be primarily intended for existing engine and documentation contributors, so that we can work on current topics together, review Pull Requests, discuss the roadmap, etc. We will also welcome users who aren't contributors yet but would like to get involved, be it with C++ engine contributions, documentation writing or the creation of other teaching materials (demos, courses, etc.).

Entrance will be free.

GodotCon Poznań 2019

GodotCon Poznań 2019 banner

Like last year, we organize a two-day event for all Godot Engine users and curious game developers.

Similar to the event we also organize each February in Brussels, GodotCon Poznań is an event for all Godot community members, both curious newcomers and power users, to meet other users and contributors to the engine and exchange knowledge and experience. We typically have talks and workshops during the two days, and those who wish so also hang out together for dinner in the evenings.

Our event is graciously hosted as a side event of the Game Industry Conference, which will start with a nice party on the last evening of the GodotCon (October 17). The venue will be the MTP Poznań Expo, which is located centrally in the city and is also the venue for the (much bigger) GIC and PGA events.

If you are interested in meeting fellow Godot users and many of the engine's core contributors, we strongly recommend that you join us at GodotCon. Last year was a lot of fun, and we expect this new edition to be even better :)

This is an event for you (and us) to meet together and get to strengthen the existing bonds between Godot contributors and users. Everyone is welcome to join, and the entrance will be free. Even if you aren't familiar with Godot Engine yet, this can be a nice opportunity to discover a great game engine and an even greater community!

To spread the word about the event, you can use the GodotCon Poznań 2019 banner.

Entrance will be free.