This page lists current and future events within the Godot community, both on physical locations and online.

List of events


  • Feb 4 and 5: FOSDEM 2017 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Feb 6 and 7: GodotCon Europe 2017 – Brussels, Belgium

Details about coming events


FOSDEM stands for Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting and is held every year in February at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels, Belgium. It is arguably the biggest European event about free and open source software, with free entry and thousands of developers and users of various projects attending.

Godot stand (with goodies!)

This year will be Godot's first official participation with a Godot Engine stand. It will be located in Building H (Campus plan). We invite all Godot users and contributors from Europe and beyond to join us there and help us man the stand, distribute goodies and talk to the other visitors about our engine.

Want to help us with the stand, designing or ordering goodies and stand material (table cloth, kakemono, etc.)? Get in touch with us on one of the community channels (especially IRC ;)).

Escoria talk in the Open Game Development track

Julian Murgia (StraToN) and Rémi Verschelde (Akien) will be giving a 25 min talk about Godot and particularily Escoria, the Godot-based open source framework for point'n'click adventure games that was released recently. For those who can't attend, the talk should be recorded by FOSDEM volunteers and available online as soon as possible (can take a few weeks though).

  • Date: Sunday, Feb 5 @ 16:30
  • Location: Room AW1.126 (come early, places are limited)
  • Link: FOSDEM abstract

Meeting the community

The primary purpose for many of us will be to meet each other in person after having worked for months or even years together online. We will have plenty of time to grab some Belgian beers together, and maybe organize a community dinner together on Saturday evening.

GodotCon Europe 2017

Behind the pompous name of GodotCon (short for Godot Convention), you will mostly find the first official IRL (*in real life*) meetup of the Godot community. We decided to organize such an event right after the FOSDEM so that people coming to Brussels for the former can also stay a bit longer for GodotCon.

The entrance will of course be free, and the form that the event will take exactly will mostly depend upon the users and contributors who will be motivated in helping organizing it. The base plan is: we have a venue in Brussels, do Godot stuff there, and enjoy ourselves.


There is no precise plan as of yet, but various things have been mentioned during community discussions. Extending upon the above base plan, the idea is that some of us organize talks, crash courses, workshops, etc. for all to benefit from and learn together. The topics will include some advanced tips and tricks about using the engine, presentation and knowhow transfer from various published or WIP projects, etc. If there is interest, we also consider having hacking sessions regarding developing the engine or writing documentation, so that we can strengthen the community of co-developers.

More details on all this in the coming weeks, but the TL;DR is: It will be cool and will be tailor-made for the attendants, so join us!