GodotCon Poznań 2018

GodotCon Poznań 2018 banner

As our lead developer Juan Linietsky is coming from Argentina to Poznań, Poland for the Game Industry Conference (GIC) (as a speaker), we're taking this opportunity to organize a Godot Conference (GodotCon) the two days before GIC: 10 & 11 October 2018.

The two days will be organized as follows:

  • Wed 10 October: Hackathon & technical discussions around the engine development. Bring your laptop, your projects and your bug reports, and we'll work together on the engine. Depending on which core developers can attend the event, we'll have round tables about different topics to discuss our plans for the future of the engine.
  • Thu 11 October: Talks and workshops by Godot users and developers. Anyone with a proposal of talk, workshop or other Godot-related activity is invited to contact remi at godotengine · org as soon as possible with details.

See the detailed preliminary schedule and speakers presentation in this blog post.

This is an event for you (and us) to meet together and get to strengthen the existing bonds between Godot contributors and users. Everyone is welcome to join, and the entrance will be free. Even if you aren't familiar with Godot Engine yet, this can be a nice opportunity to discover a great game engine and an even greater community!

Useful information regarding travelling to Poznań and finding the venue can be found on the GIC website, since we will share their venue. See the GIC attendee guide

To spread the word about the event, you can use the GodotCon Poznań 2018 banner.