Godot is already being used in many classrooms across the world. If you are interested in including it in your curriculum, you can find answers to some of the most common questions on this page.

Can I teach Godot in my classroom?

Godot Engine is free and open source software released under the permissive MIT license.
You can use Godot in your classroom without any restrictions and with zero licensing costs.

You can read more about our license here.

Will the Godot project sign a services agreement provided by my institution?

The Godot Engine project is unable to accept any terms and conditions outside of the MIT license, nor will it provide warranties or representations about the Godot Engine outside those of the MIT license.

As a free and open source project, Godot is not backed by a corporation or any individual. Accordingly, it doesn't have the legal capacity to enter into agreements, even if such agreements did not conflict with the MIT license.

What data does the Godot Engine collect from users?

When you use the Asset Library in the Godot Engine application, HTTPS requests are made to the Asset Library website, and will contain: Godot Engine version, search query, selected assets, and the user's IP address. The Asset Library processes this data without storing it, but our TuxFamily hosting's HTTP server may log these requests. Such logs are subject to TuxFamily's privacy policy.
This is the only personal data collected by the Godot Engine application.

To be clear, the Godot Engine executable does not ask for or otherwise collect personally identifying information from its users. The network requests include the bare minimum amount of information required to do an online search and transmit substantially less information than most internet browsing will.

For more information, please see our privacy policy here

I don't have permission to install software on my devices. How can I use Godot?

You can use the Godot Engine on the browser without the need to install it on your device.
This is useful if you are restricted by your organization or limited by the device being used and you can't install software locally.

Try the web editor now.

Need help getting started?

You can start to learn how to use the Godot Engine by reading our documentation, and visiting our Tutorials and resources page.

We recommend GDQuest's Learn GDScript From Zero, which is a free and open source interactive tutorial for absolute beginners to learn to program with Godot's GDScript language. It is available as a desktop application or in the browser.

Want to know something else?

If there is something else you would like to know, you can get in touch by writing us at [email protected].