Godot 3.4.2

released 22 December 2021


  • OpenGL 2.1 / OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible hardware
  • For the Mono version: .NET SDK or the Mono SDK


  • Extract and run. Godot is self-contained and does not require installation.
  • If you run into an issue, check the Troubleshooting page for common issues and their solutions.

Since Godot 3.3, Godot is code-signed and notarized for macOS. This means it should run out of the box even if Gatekeeper is enabled on the system (which is the default).

For older Godot versions, see the last section of this page for instructions on allowing Godot to run anyway. Alternatively, you can install Godot from Steam and switch to an older branch in the Steam application settings to work around this.

You can also get Godot with Homebrew or MacPorts:

  • brew install --cask godot
  • sudo port install godot
Available on itch.io. Available on Steam.