GodotCon July 2021!


GDScript progress report: Feature-complete for 4.0

By: George Marques 2 June 2021

GDScript is now feature-complete for the upcoming Godot 4.0 version. This article goes through the last bits that were added: typed arrays, lambda functions, builtin static methods, plus a few extra changes for optimization and bug-fixing.

Submissions open for Godot 2021 showreel

By: Juan Linietsky 31 May 2021

Does your Godot-made game or tool (published or work in progress) make you proud? Would you like to showcase it in the upcoming 2021 showreel? Please send us a short video of it!

Physics progress report #1

By: Camille Mohr-Daurat 19 May 2021

Update on Godot physics engine improvements: test framework, bug fixing, new features and optimizations.

Godot 3.3 has arrived, with a focus on optimization and reliability

By: Rémi Verschelde 21 April 2021

All Godot contributors are delighted to release our latest milestone today, Godot 3.3, after more than 7 months of development! This release was initially planned as a 3.2.4 update to the 3.2 branch, but it grew to become a feature-packed update well worth of opening a new stable branch.

Godot Web progress report #7: Virtual keyboard on the Web, better HTTPClient

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 16 April 2021

Experimental virtual keyboard support coming to Godot HTML5 exports, along with improved support to many HTTP-based APIs.

Tiles editor progress #3

By: Gilles Roudiere 12 April 2021

A new progress report on the TileMap and TIleSet editors rework.

Editor improvements for Godot 4.0

By: Juan Linietsky 29 March 2021

If you are following my progress, you might have noticed that I took a two month break from rendering to work on many long standing editor improvements and features.

Web Editor PWA, easier HTML customizations, and faster load times!

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 20 March 2021

Godot on the Web is feeling more and more like native, getting performance improvements (20% faster load time), easier customizations, and more!

Godot OpenXR support

By: Bastiaan Olij 18 March 2021

An update on the current work being rounded off adding OpenXR support to Godot 3 through a plugin and the planned work for Godot 4.

Why isn't Godot an ECS-based game engine?

By: Juan Linietsky 26 February 2021

The topic of why Godot does not utilize ECS comes up often, so this article will explain the design decisions behind that, as well as shed some light on how Godot works.

Tiles editor progress report #2

By: Gilles Roudiere 5 February 2021

The TileMap and TileSet editors got a lot of improvements. Most of the painting tools are now implemented again and usability has been greatly improved.

Web Editor release candidate, HTML5 gamepads and more!

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 4 February 2021

The Web Editor has reached release candidate state, improved HTML5 gamepad support allows supporting more devices out of the box.

Godot 4.0 optimization progress report

By: Juan Linietsky 2 February 2021

As most of the rendering features for the upcoming Godot 4.0 are done, I have spent the past two months optimizing the rendering engine, both on the CPU and GPU side. All this work has resulted in significantly faster rendering times.

Introducing the Godot glTF 2.0 scene exporter

By: Ernest Lee 4 January 2021

To supplement Godot's existing import capabilities for the glTF 2.0 open format for 3D assets, Godot 4.0 now includes support for exporting Godot scenes as glTF 2.0. This import/export workflow allows a seamless transition from and to 3D modelling and animation software, giving artists and designers greater flexibility to use each tool for what it can do best.

Godot 2020 Year in Review video

By: Hugo Locurcio 31 December 2020

While 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, it's been a great year for Godot development! In the spirit of last year's retrospective article, we made a video showcasing various features that have been developed in 2020.

Complex text layouts progress report #3

By: Pāvels Nadtočajevs 29 December 2020

Report on the complex text layouts support implementation progress, including changes to RichTextEdit class, compatibility and custom control implementation details.

Web Editor beta, AudioWorklet, GDNative and more!

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 24 December 2020

The Web Editor reaches beta (3.2.4 beta 4), GDNative lands on the web, thread-enabled HTML5 builds now come with an improved audio driver using the AudioWorklet API.

Announcing the new showcase for projects made with Godot

By: Hugo Locurcio 7 December 2020

We are proud to announce the official Godot showcase is making a return after 3 years of absence! The new showcase focuses on high-quality, published projects but also features a few projects that had successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Godot docs improvements report

By: Nathan GDQuest 4 December 2020

Some of you like the docs for what it covers already; others dislike it for what it lacks. The team's well-aware there is always room for improvement, and so they hired me to work part-time on it since September. Here are all the changes you can already enjoy today!

Tiles editor progress report #1

By: Gilles Roudiere 1 December 2020

As you may already know, I now have been hired for a month to work on the TileMap and TileSet editors. My goal here is to improve the UX of working with tiles, making it both easier to use and more powerful. So here is a first progress report on how things are going.

Godot's 2D engine gets several improvements for upcoming 4.0

By: Juan Linietsky 28 November 2020

While the focus of Godot 4.0 Vulkan rewrite has largely been improvements to the 3D engine, the 2D side will also see several improvements.

Introducing the Betsy GPU texture compressor

By: Matias Goldberg 25 November 2020

My name is Matias N. Goldberg, I normally maintain the 2.x branch of Ogre, and I wrote Betsy, a GPU texture compressor that runs on GPUs.

Complex text layouts progress report #2

By: Pāvels Nadtočajevs 10 November 2020

Report on the complex text layouts support implementation progress, including changes to Godot's Font resources, and UI mirroring and BiDi implementation details.

FBX importer rewritten for Godot 3.2.4 and later

By: Gordon MacPherson 5 November 2020

Gordon MacPherson authored the new rewrite of the FBX importer in Godot 3.2. We had originally added alpha FBX support but this first version had many limitations for complex, commercial-grade models, especially around animations. After a lot of debugging and research, the importer has been fully rewritten to better implement FBX support in Godot specifically, and vastly increase the compatibility with commercial FBX assets. This new importer will be available in the upcoming Godot 3.2.4, as well as Godot 4.0.

Godot Web export progress report #3

By: Fabio Alessandrelli 27 October 2020

An alpha stage Godot Web Editor update, more news on GDNative for the Web, and many upcoming improvements to the Web export.