C# support on Android

By: Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry Jul 12 - 2019

Godot 3.2 will bring Android support to C# users, which can already be tried in the master branch and will soon be available in Godot 3.2 alpha 1. Moreover, the editor code for the Mono module was converted from C++ to C#, making it easier to extend.

Godot 3.2 ARVR update

By: Bastiaan Olij Jul 11 - 2019

Godot 3.2 will see ARKit and Oculus Go/Quest support coming to Godot. ARCore and Valve Index support is not far behind.

Vulkan progress report #1

By: Juan Linietsky Jul 01 - 2019

While the rest of the Godot contributors are focused on finalizing 3.2 for release, I'm almost exclusively dedicated to porting the engine to Vulkan, as part of the 4.0 release effort. This is so far an exciting adventure and I'm learning a lot about it.

WebRTC support, progress report #3

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Jun 19 - 2019

WebRTC for the High Level Multiplayer API is here! Featuring a fully peer to peer mesh network. Documentation is now available for WebRTC classes, a tutorial and two new demos has been added.

Major update for Visual Shaders in Godot 3.2

By: Yuri Roubinsky May 22 - 2019

With the Godot 3.1 release, the Visual Shader editor was recreated from the ashes of its Godot 2.x ancestor. While usable and packed with visual features, Visual Shaders lacked many features from their Shader (script) big brother. A new update has been prepared for Godot 3.2 to solve this problem.

WebRTC support, progress report #2

By: Fabio Alessandrelli May 21 - 2019

Godot's WebRTC interface is getting STUN/TURN support, and now allows you to create multiple reliable or unreliable data channels. WebRTC GDNative support for non-HTML5 platforms can now works as a drop-in library without any extra configuration. Some hints on incoming multiplayer support.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.1.1

By: Hein-Pieter van Braam Apr 27 - 2019

Godot 3.1.1-stable is released, the first maintenance release of the 3.1 series. In this release we've fixed an important security issue related to networking, added some nice quality of life improvements to the animation editor, and fixed several bugs.

Godot 3.2 will get a new Android plugin system

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 24 - 2019

Godot has the simplest and most efficient Android deploy system you can find in any game engine. With a single click, your project is runing on the phone. With a single option (network fs deploy) your gigabyte-sized project is running on your device in mere seconds. You can use the editor to debug your running game while it runs on your device and you can make changes in the scenes or scripts and they will reflect in real-time in your phone or tablet. The big drawback, however, was that adding plugins was a pain in the butt.

WebRTC support, progress report #1

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Apr 19 - 2019

Godot is getting some WebRTC love! Experimental support is available in current master branch, enabling low latency networking in HTML5/WebAssembly exports, and initial desktop platforms support via GDNative. The API is still experimental but will become stable in the next few months.

Atlas support returns to Godot 3.2

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 19 - 2019

With the import system rewrite in Godot 3.0, the ability to import atlases was lost. Using atlases is not as common nowadays, given the processing power of desktop and devices has increased a lot, but there are many use cases where this may be worth it. Godot 3.2 will bring back support for it.

Announcing the Godot 2019 showreel

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 16 - 2019

Another year, another showreel. As every year, the amount of quality games being created by Godot has increased significantly (as did the amount of submissions).

The State of Godot | GDC 2019, at GitHub HQ

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 15 - 2019

This year, during GDC, GitHub again hosted a Godot Meetup at their offices and the amount of attendants was considerably bigger than last year. Thanks hugely to them for all their support!

Godot Engine awarded $50,000 by Mozilla Open Source Support program

By: Rémi Verschelde Apr 11 - 2019

We are delighted to announce that Godot Engine has been awarded USD 50,000 by Mozilla as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Mission Partners program. This award will be used to fund the work of some of our core contributors on three different work packages, all linked with Mozilla's mission of furthering an open and accessible Web. For Godot, this means making sure that everyone can build and play networked and browser-based games with open source technology.

Godot 3.2 will get new audio features

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 10 - 2019

I left these out of 3.0 and never managed to work on it again, yet users requested them a lot this past year. Finally, they will be available for Godot 3.2.

Godot 3.2 adds support for convex decomposition

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 10 - 2019

Another long awaited feature makes it for Godot 3.2. This makes the workflow for 3D games considerably easier, by allowing conversion of concave meshes of any form into a set of convex shapes.