A decade in retrospective and future

By: Juan Linietsky Dec 31 - 2019

The dawn of a new decade looms and there is a lot of excitement about the future of Godot! But it was not always like this, as the previous decade did not go as expected..

HTML5 export profiling for Godot 4.0

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Dec 28 - 2019

HTML5 debug export profiling is coming for Godot 4.0

Godot Oculus Quest support

By: Bastiaan Olij Dec 23 - 2019

Godot works on the Oculus Quest, find out more about getting up and running if you want to play around with it early.

WebSocket SSL server, HTTP server for testing HTML5 builds

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Nov 28 - 2019

More networking improvements are coming in 3.2. WebSocketServer now has SSL support, and users can now test HTML5 export from the editor with one click.

C# progress report: WebAssembly, MonoDevelop and AOT

By: Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry Nov 15 - 2019

Godot 3.2 brings WebAssembly support for C# games. There is also a new extension for Visual Studio for Mac and MonoDevelop and preliminary support for AOT compilation.

Major update for Visual Shaders in Godot 3.2 (part 2)

By: Yuri Roubinsky Nov 11 - 2019

This is the second blog post describing enhancements for visual shaders and shader scripts landed in Godot 3.2. Much time and effort was spent adding a lot of new things to enhance the overall experience developing shaders.

Vulkan Progress Report #5

By: Juan Linietsky Nov 02 - 2019

Another month, another Vulkan progress report! October was a busy month, as most of it was split between working on the new Global Illumination system and Godotcon/GIC in Poland.

DTLS progress report #1

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Oct 29 - 2019

A sneak peak at DTLS support in Godot 4.0 .

Vulkan progress report #4

By: Juan Linietsky Oct 12 - 2019

Over the course of September month, I continued working on Vulkan all day long, and several improvements have been made.

Basic cryptography, SSL improvements

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Sep 28 - 2019

As part of the MOSS project sponsored by Mozilla, during July I worked on some new features regarding cryptography and SSL to improve the quality and security of Godot networking.

George Marques will be working full time for the project

By: Juan Linietsky Sep 18 - 2019

After some months, the project has received enough funding to be able to do a new full time hire! Thanks hugely to everyone who is supporting us, as your help has allowed us reaching this far!

GSoC 2019 progress report #3

By: Rémi Verschelde Sep 08 - 2019

For the second time, Godot took part in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) programme, which lets students from all over the world work for three months on specific projects thanks to a Google stipend. We had 8 students working for on great new features all around the engine, and in this third and last progress report, they outline the final state of their GSoC work, how to use it (when relevant) and future steps that they might envision for the feature they worked on.

Introducing the Godot Proposals repository

By: Juan Linietsky Sep 04 - 2019

The past two years, the project kept growing at a steady pace. One of the most important consequences of this growth process is that our GitHub issue tracker has exploded with ideas, proposals and bug reports.

Vulkan progress report #3

By: Juan Linietsky Sep 02 - 2019

Work on porting the rendering engine to Vulkan continues at a steady pace.

WebSocket updates, UDP multicast

By: Fabio Alessandrelli Aug 22 - 2019

UDP multicast support, WebSocket updates, demos, a new tutorial.