C# progress report: Visual Studio and VSCode

By: Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry Jul 03 - 2020

Godot is getting extensions for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, including debugging support and code completion of Godot strings.

Godot 4.0 gets SDF based real-time global illumination

By: Juan Linietsky Jun 28 - 2020

As work progresses on Godot 4.0 at a steady pace, a novel method of creating full-scene global illumination has been added in the master branch.

Godot core budget meeting report #1

By: Juan Linietsky Jun 11 - 2020

The funding situation of Godot has been changing for the past months, as we received more grants and donations, and reorganizing where the funding is going, deciding hires, etc. takes considerable time as well as the right timing.

GDScript progress report: Writing a new parser

By: George Marques Jun 01 - 2020

Showing the work for the new GDScript parser, why it is done and how it improves over the old one. Also show a bit of new features.

Godot Editor running in a web browser

By: Fabio Alessandrelli May 29 - 2020

Bringing the Godot Editor to the web: lowering the barrier for newcomers while enhancing the HTML5 export.

Godot 4.0 will get a new, modernized lightmapper

By: Juan Linietsky May 09 - 2020

In most game engines, a lightmap is baked for a whole scene and there is only one of it at the same time. In Godot, different scenes can have their own lightmaps and you can mix and match them however you like.

GDScript progress report: Writing a tokenizer

By: George Marques May 04 - 2020

GDScript is being rewritten. In this article we talk about the new tokenizer—the first step in the compilation process.

Vulkan progress report #7

By: Juan Linietsky May 01 - 2020

It's been three months since a Vulkan progress report! I know you guys missed them, so I made sure to work extra hard to have something nice to make up. It feels great to be back to doing graphics programming after two months refactoring the core engine.

Announcing the 2020 showreel!

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 25 - 2020

The showreel for 2020 is up! As every year, more and more quality submissions fall in our hands, making the selection job very difficult. This year was not the exception, and it was even more difficult as wehad had record submission amount (over 200) so, this time, several core contributors took the work of ranking and voting them to decide which would make up the final reel.

Godot 4.0 gets global and per-instance shader uniforms

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 17 - 2020

Work towards the complete 4.0 feature set continues at a vibrant pace (Stay tuned for the progress report at the end of the month!). Today I will discuss a new feature that most likely takes a bit more time to understand than just looking at an image.

GLES2 renderer optimization - 2D batching

By: Bartleby Lawnjelly Apr 09 - 2020

While Juan's work on the Vulkan rendering backend is ongoing in the master branch, the rest of the rendering team have not been idle. They have been working on many bug fixes and some improvements to the OpenGL rendering in the 3.x branch, and one of the most awaited is the addition of batching of 2D primitives in the GLES2 renderer, which should significantly increase performance in a lot of 2D games.

C# progress report: iOS and signals as events

By: Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry Apr 06 - 2020

Godot is getting iOS support for C# games. There is also a new system for using Godot signals as C# events.

Core refactoring progress report #2

By: Juan Linietsky Mar 28 - 2020

As promised in my previous post, the core refactoring work I am undertaking took two months to complete. This means rewriting large parts of the core engine for consistency and features.

Custom sky shaders in Godot 4.0

By: Clay John Mar 23 - 2020

Core refactoring progress report #1

By: Juan Linietsky Feb 29 - 2020

Expecting a Vulkan progress report? Not this month! As Godot 3.2 was released by the end of January, February was purely dedicated to do large core refactoring in preparation for Godot 4.0. This is required to unblock other contributors and their areas.