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Ilaria Cislaghi Ilaria Cislaghi  - 23 October 2023

State of particles and future updates

An update on the current state of the particle system in Godot, and some hints about what the future holds!

Bastiaan Olij Bastiaan Olij  - 11 September 2023

Godot XR update - September 2023

Updates on various things XR in Godot, a new version of the OpenXR plugin, a new version of the tools library and an update on Godot 4 support.

Clay John Clay John  -  9 August 2023

Godot Rendering Priorities: July 2023

The Godot rendering team continues to focus on stability, performance and usability

Clay John Clay John  - 18 April 2023

Godot 4.1 Rendering Priorities

For 4.1 the rendering team will be focusing on performance, stability, and usability.

Pedro J. Estébanez Pedro J. Estébanez  - 14 April 2023

Direct3D 12: Adventures in Shaderland

Godot is about to get a Direct3D 12 rendering driver. This is a discussion on the exotic approaches taken to face some of the challenges posed in the area of shaders.

Raul Santos Raul Santos  - 25 February 2023

What's new in C# for Godot 4.0

All about changes and improvements that Godot 4.0 offers to C# developers.

Fabio Alessandrelli Fabio Alessandrelli  - 23 February 2023

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication

Create multiplayer games in an instance (pun intended) with the new MultiplayerSpawner and MultiplayerSynchronizer nodes. Check out the key concepts, and get started with a quick tutorial on how to make a simple game using Godot multiplayer features!

Bastiaan Olij Bastiaan Olij  - 31 January 2023

Godot XR update - January 2023

Updates on various things XR in Godot as per January 2023. New Godot XR Tools, new documentation for Godot 4, new supported renderers and devices.

Clay John Clay John  - 20 December 2022

Status of the OpenGL 3 renderer

Godot 4.0 will ship with an OpenGL-based renderer designed for older and low-end devices, but it won't be totally feature-complete at the time 4.0 is released.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  - 14 November 2022

Movie Maker mode arrives in Godot 4.0

With the addition of non-real-time video recording, Godot opens itself to new use cases such as architecture visualization and cutscene rendering.

Silc Renew Silc Renew  -  7 November 2022

Animation Retargeting in Godot 4.0

Godot 4.0 comes with an animation retargeting system to allow for easy sharing of animations between similar models.

Clay John Clay John  - 17 October 2022

Emulating Double Precision on the GPU to Render Large Worlds

One of the problems with developing games with large game worlds is that objects start to jitter and teleport around as you move away from the world origin. This post is about how we overcame one challenge in particular and what we did.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 15 September 2022

The next big step: Godot 4.0 reaches Beta

It has been a long road to Godot 4.0 with 17 alpha builds distributed in 2022, and continuous development effort since 2019. We aren’t done yet, but today marks a major milestone on the road to Godot 4.0: the first beta is out!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 23 August 2022

Godot 4.0 will discontinue VisualScript

Godot's visual scripting language, VisualScript, was introduced in Godot 3.0, almost five years ago. Despite our continuous effort, it never gained traction and the path to improve it was never clear. Because of this, for Godot 4.0, we decided to accept that the approach we took from the start was simply not the right one and decided to remove it from the engine. If enough volunteer interest exists, it may be moved to an extension.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 10 August 2022

GSoC 2022 - Progress report #1

This year we have 3 students working on exciting projects as part of the Google Summer of Code. In this progress report they present their work on refactoring the ColorPicker and its UX, making code editors detachable from the main editor window, and improving the GPU lightmapper.

Clay John Clay John  -  6 July 2022

Fog Volumes arrive in Godot 4.0

On top of the existing fixed-function fog, Godot 4.0 introduces a new type of fog: Volumetric Fog. For the 4.0 release, we decided to take Volumetric Fog one step further with the addition of FogVolumes. These allow users to dynamically place fog and control complex fog effects with shaders.

Bastiaan Olij Bastiaan Olij  - 27 February 2022

Godot XR update - February 2022

Updates on various things XR in Godot, a new version of the OpenXR plugin, a new version of the tools library and an update on Godot 4 support.

Fabio Alessandrelli Fabio Alessandrelli  - 27 November 2021

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (part 1)

The long-awaited first post about the multiplayer replication system in development for Godot 4.0 is here! Check out the design goals, concepts, initial prototype, and as always, stay tuned for more!

Yuri Roubinsky Yuri Roubinsky  -  1 November 2021

Improvements to shaders and visual shaders in Godot 4.0

A quick overview of upcoming changes for the shader language and visual shader systems in Godot 4.0.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  1 November 2021

Animation data rework for 4.0

One of the last areas pending for redesign in upcoming Godot 4.0 has now been completed, resulting in much improved usability when dealing animation data.

Fabio Alessandrelli Fabio Alessandrelli  - 27 October 2021

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: ENet wrappers, WebRTC

A more powerful ENet interface for better multiplayer in Godot 4, updates about WebRTC, hints at the new scene replication API.

Bastiaan Olij Bastiaan Olij  - 27 September 2021

Introducing GDNative's successor, GDExtension

Godot is getting a new plugin interface called GDExtension, an evolution of GDNative.

Fabio Alessandrelli Fabio Alessandrelli  - 25 September 2021

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: RPC syntax, channels, ordering

New RPC syntax and features in Godot 4.0. Introducing channels and ordered transfer mode.

Gilles Roudiere Gilles Roudiere  - 23 September 2021

Tiles editor progress report #5

New progress report on the tiles editors rework. Compatibility with 3.x got improved, TileMap layers and physics shape editing are now implemented. Also, a new property arrays editor is now available in the inspector.