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Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  8 September 2018

Hero wanted! (3.1 version)

Looking for a good chance to learn about Godot internals and development? Want to become a hero and help with the release of Godot 3.1? This is your chance!

Bastiaan Olij Bastiaan Olij  - 19 June 2018

Godot Leap Motion Support

Leap Motion hand tracking support arrives with Godot 3.0.3

HP van Braam HP van Braam  -  7 June 2018

Godot APK Fixer tool

We have released a tool to repair APK files released with older versions of Godot. A fix for this will also be integrated in upcoming Godot releases.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  6 June 2018

Importing 3D assets from Blender (

Guest blog post by Michael Bridges from, explaining how to import 3D models and animations from Blender using Godot's "Better" Collada exporter.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 25 May 2018

Fixing Godot games published in Google Play

After games being published using Godot on Google Play for almost 8 years with no problems, Google decided they don't like the format we use for exporting any more and is suspending many published games. Here's how to fix your APK to upload it again.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 21 May 2018

Ben Tristem & are kickstarting a Godot course

Ben Tristem and his team, authors of many best-selling game development courses on the online platform Udemy, are now kickstarting a Godot Engine course! They strongly believe in Godot and want to make top quality content for all kinds of users. Ben tells us in a video what they like in Godot and why they are so enthusiastic about it.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 17 April 2018

Godot's documentation is now open for translation

Godot has been around for over 4 years, and localized documentation in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Russian and many other languages has always been a very requested feature. After a lot of documentation work to ensure that we have a good original English content to translate from, and some more work on setting up a convenient infrastructure for translating and keeping translations up to date, we are now ready to welcome contributions!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 27 March 2018

Godot project management 101

As we just reached our third goal on Patreon, we are now able to hire Rémi Verschelde (Akien) as full-time project manager and representative! In this article, he gives some insights on what brought him to Godot, how he helped organize the teamwork and became the de facto project manager, as well as plans for the future.

Pedro J. Estébanez Pedro J. Estébanez  - 20 March 2018

Sketchfab integrates with Godot

Sketchfab is a well-known site where you can browse a big library of 3D models and download them for use in your own projects. Many of them are free, covered by open licenses. They have just announced their download API, which allows third-parties to integrate with it, giving any application access to hundreds of thousands of models in glTF, a standard format that many tools, Godot included, understand. They have integrations for other famous game engines, like Unity and Unreal and have decided to provide an official plugin for Godot!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 26 February 2018

Moving to Vulkan (and ES 2.0) instead of OpenGL ES 3.0

The rationale for the OpenGL ES 3 renderer was having a single codebase for targeting all platforms. This sounds really good in theory and we could say it *almost* works, but...

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  8 January 2018

Next Patreon goal: Help us hire Rémi Verschelde (Akien) full time!

So far we have been a few months on Patreon and the net result has been overwhelmingly positive, as we get enough funds each month to hire our lead developer and an intern! Still, it's time to start thinking about our next hire to continue speeding up Godot's development as well as its visibility and relevance in the gamedev industry.

Pedro J. Estébanez Pedro J. Estébanez  -  9 December 2017

Let people touch Godot!

Maybe you have already seen an AdPod around. They are three-sided giant multitouch capable screens. The company behind them customizes them for very important customers for promotion campaings for things like movies (Disney, Universal). They "skin" the device cosmetically for the targeted product and develop interactive apps that run on them. People walking by can interact with them, something which creates great product awareness and also entertains. Now they have decided to use Godot for such development work! The switch from the well-known non-free engine they were using formerly has been a wise decision.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  6 December 2017

Hero Wanted campaign for fixing final bugs launches!

We are all working hard on fixing the remaining issues for delivering a stable Godot 3.0 as soon as possible, but we definitely need a hand to speed up the work!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  3 December 2017

Shedding light on Godot's development process

Godot keeps growing steadily in both users and contributors, and 3.0 will be our best release yet. As our community keeps expanding, the development process also reshapes to accommodate new contributions. While our process is completely transparent, it is not obvious for a large part of the community how new features, fixes and improvements are added. This short article will attempt to shed some light on it.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 24 November 2017

Enjin Coin supports Godot and announces upcoming module

Godot just got its first platinum sponsor, and we're thrilled to announce that it's Enjin Coin, a smart cryptocurrency designed for virtual goods in games! They are working on a module to integrate their open source framework in Godot 3.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 22 November 2017

Please help us reach our second Patreon goal so we can hire karroffel part-time!

Our campaign for the initial Patreon goal (hiring Juan full time) has been a huge success thanks to our community's support. Thanks to this, Juan is able to spend a lot more time working on Godot and helping other contributors. However, many areas remain where more dedicated developer time would be highly beneficial to advance the project faster.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 22 November 2017

Help complete translations for Godot 3.0!

As we are nearing the 3.0 release, it's the right time to contribute to the localisation effort and make sure that your native language has an accurate and complete translation of the Godot editor upon release.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  7 November 2017

Hero Wanted! Help fix the remaining issues for 3.0!

Godot 3.0 is in it's final march towards a stable release, hopefully before year's end. The first Beta will be releases shortly and then candidates and stable... you can help and be a hero!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 13 October 2017

As an Open Source project, Godot is more than a game engine

Godot is a community developed game engine. The development process is becoming tighter and more efficient every day. As the amount of contributors keep growing exponentially, it's a big challenge for us to keep this process efficient and yet improve it.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 18 September 2017

Patreon: First goal achieved!

A little bit over a month ago we launched a Patreon campaign to improve our funding. The first goal, which is allowing our lead developer Juan Linietsky to work full time on the project, has been just met, which is amazing!! Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 31 August 2017

We need your help to improve our documentation system!

Godot has grown a lot and, nowadays, and new users expect us to have quality documentation comparable to commercial offerings. For this, the documentation system we currently have needs tweaks and improvements. As we, game engine developers, are not experienced in the web side of the programming world, everything seems daunting to us (please don't laugh), so any help with the following items would be hugely appreciated!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 26 August 2017

80% funded! Celebrating with a Patreon rewards upgrade

The first two weeks of our new Patreon campaign have been astounding, with more than $2,400/month pledged by the community to enable us to hire Juan full-time to work on Godot's development. We are 80% of the way up to that goal, and with your help to spread the news we might be able to reach our target $3,000 within a few days! To celebrate this huge progress, we upgraded our Patreon rewards to make them more accessible. We also took this opportunity to satisfy some legal requirements of being a non-profit charity, ensuring that no reward could be interpreted as a taxable business income.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 24 August 2017

A small defense of glTF 2.0 on its comparison against OpenGEX

This is a short article clarifying some on my views of why I believe glTF to be a great asset pipeline format, contrarily to the claims of Eric Lengyel's feature comparison of OpenGEX and glTF.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 11 August 2017

How to make your dream game, publish it and not die in the process

Many devs asked me to write about this for a long time, so sharing my experience for this process.