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Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 31 May 2021

Submissions open for Godot 2021 showreel

Does your Godot-made game or tool (published or work in progress) make you proud? Would you like to showcase it in the upcoming 2021 showreel? Please send us a short video of it!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  1 April 2021

Godot has been renamed to Godette Engine

After months of internal debate, we have decided to deal once and for all with a hot topic and the source of much criticism. Godot is being rebranded in order to gain wider appeal and acceptance.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 17 March 2021

Versioning change for Godot 3.x

We decide to rename the upcoming 3.2.4 release to Godot 3.3 to better advertize that it's a big milestone with tons of new features! It's still fully compatible with previous Godot 3.2.x releases as one would have expected of 3.2.4, so it will be a recommended update for all Godot users. Moreover, we'll start working on Godot 3.4 in parallel to providing bugfix releases for 3.3.x at a faster pace.

Joan Fons Joan Fons  -  1 March 2021

Joan Fons is hired to work on Godot's rendering

Hello! This is Joan speaking. I'm happy to announce that, starting today, I will be working as a full-time Godot developer, and my main focus will be anything rendering related.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 26 February 2021

Why isn't Godot an ECS-based game engine?

The topic of why Godot does not utilize ECS comes up often, so this article will explain the design decisions behind that, as well as shed some light on how Godot works.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  - 15 February 2021

Guest post - “Small Team, Big Project”: Building Moonwards

Moonwards is an in-development open source sandbox MMO built with Godot. In this guest post, some members of the Moonwards team give us insights into how they approach building such a complex project with Godot.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 10 February 2021

Godot Engine receives $120,000 grant from game development studio Kefir

We are delighted to announce that the game development studio Kefir is giving the Godot Engine project a USD 120,000 grant to fund further development of our free and open source game engine.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  3 February 2021

New communication platform for Godot contributors

Godot contributors are moving from good old IRC to a new self-hosted chat platform based on Rocket.Chat! It provides many modern features that will enable a better communication flow between contributors, as well as providing a central place for all team or topic-specific discussion channels around Godot development.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  - 20 January 2021

Announcing the new community map for user groups

Starting from today, there is a new User groups page on the Godot Engine website! This page replaces the old User groups page by featuring a community map that can be freely navigated and contributed to.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  - 31 December 2020

Godot 2020 Year in Review video

While 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, it's been a great year for Godot development! In the spirit of last year's retrospective article, we made a video showcasing various features that have been developed in 2020.

Camille Mohr-Daurat Camille Mohr-Daurat  - 19 December 2020

Camille Mohr-Daurat was hired to work on physics

We hired Camille Mohr-Daurat to work on the 2D and 3D physics engines for Godot 4.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 11 December 2020

Godot Engine receiving support funded by Facebook Reality Labs

It is with great excitement that we announce that the Godot Engine project is receiving support funded by a grant from Facebook Reality Labs to further the development of Virtual Reality (VR) features within Godot.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  -  7 December 2020

Announcing the new showcase for projects made with Godot

We are proud to announce the official Godot showcase is making a return after 3 years of absence! The new showcase focuses on high-quality, published projects but also features a few projects that had successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Hugo Locurcio Hugo Locurcio  -  7 October 2020

Hugo Locurcio is hired to improve Godot's web infrastructure

We hired Hugo Locurcio to work on Godot's web infrastructure such as documentation and the asset library.

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  - 10 September 2020

We hired Nathan to work on the manual

We hired Nathan from GDQuest to work on the online user manual. He will work on the workflow, content organization, and improving the Getting Started guide.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 26 August 2020

Announcing a new hire! (Gilles Roudière)

In the past month, the excess donations accumulated so we are finally able to offer enough security to do an extra hire. Beginning November, Gilles Roudière (Groud) will be working full-time for the project, dedicated to 2D and general editor usability!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 22 July 2020

Announcing the monthly Live Q&A!

What has been an idea (and something many community members suggested for a long time) is now a reality. We will be hosting a Live Q&A session with Godot core contributors the last week of each month.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 13 July 2020

Godot community poll 2020

It's this time of the year again! Help us better understand who is using Godot, what are your needs and towards where Godot usage is trending by completing the anonymous community poll!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 10 July 2020

Help us reach the next funding goal to ensure continued C# support

During the past year, Ignacio Etcheverry worked on significantly improving C# support and its integration in Godot, adding support for Android, HTML5 and iOS, as well as popular third party IDEs. This was financed thanks to a generous donation from Microsoft. Unfortunately, due to the Covid situation, the renewal of this grant has been suspended and is uncertain.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  8 July 2020

Donation changes

The project situation changed a lot for the better in the past few months, with a steady growth in the amount of users and contributors, and a nice boost to our funding situation, freeing donation funds for new purposes. Therefore, we discussed with core contributors that this is a good time to change how the project manages donations, and give our whole crowdfunding a much-needed update.

Fabio Alessandrelli Fabio Alessandrelli  - 29 May 2020

Godot Editor running in a web browser

Bringing the Godot Editor to the web: lowering the barrier for newcomers while enhancing the HTML5 export.

George Marques George Marques  - 16 March 2020

Student applications for GSoC 2020 open today

Applications to the Google Summer of Code 2020 are open. As a participant organization, we share some tips to students on how to write their proposals.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 26 February 2020

Call for volunteers for organizing regional communities

Godot communities keep growing steadily around the world. As a result, in the past years, many local groups related to Godot usage and development have started to appear in different continents, countries and cities. We now start a Regional Communities team to connect those groups together and give them better visibility on official Godot platforms.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 11 February 2020

Headsup: Vulkan merged, master branch unstable

Godot 3.2 was released two weeks ago, and it's now time to go full steam ahead towards our next milestone, Godot 4.0. The Vulkan port which had been worked on in a dedicated branch is now getting merged in our main development branch, which has a few implications on what to expect from the 'master' branch and how pending Pull Requests will be impacted.