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Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 11 December 2017

Get ready for FOSDEM and GodotCon 2018!

In February 2018, the Godot Engine community invites you to meet together at the FOSDEM (3 & 4 Feb) and the GodotCon (5 & 6 Feb), both in Brussels, Belgium and with dozens of Godot users and contributors, including our lead developer Juan Linietsky coming all the way from Buenos Aires. FOSDEM is a huge free and open source software-focused event with over 8000 attendees. Coming right after FOSDEM in the same city, GodotCon is a small but Godot-focused event with talks, workshops and many activities around our favourite engine.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  8 December 2017

Bugs: Let's catch 'em all this Saturday 9 December

Both testers and developers are doing a great job, but we need to go ever faster to get Godot 3.0 out as soon as possible - especially now that the master branch is in feature freeze, meaning that new features will have to wait for Godot 3.1 to be merged. We propose to have a special bug hunting day on Saturday, 9 December, to focus on fixing the bugs reported for the 3.0 milestone. Testers are also encouraged to use this opportunity to file new bug reports, after checking existing issues for potential duplicates.

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  -  5 December 2017

Godot 3 at the Capitole du libre

We met with Julian and Gilles at the Capitole du Libre 2017 in Toulouse. It's one of the largest French events dedicated to Free Software. We went there to showcase Godot 3 and try to introduce new users to it. Here's our report, with a bonus presentation.

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  - 15 November 2017

Godot 3 at the Capitole du Libre 2017

We will be at the Capitole du Libre this week-end with Julian Murgia and Gilles Roudière. It's one of the largest French events dedicated to Free Software, and it's taking place in Toulouse. Come meet us if you're in the area!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 30 October 2017

Get ready for the GitHub Game Off with Godot

GitHub is hosting the 5th edition of its #GameOff jam focused on free and open source tools. As a leading libre 2D and 3D game engine, Godot is a perfect for that jam and it's a great opportunity to give it a try and fall in love with its intuitive yet powerful workflow!

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  -  6 September 2017

Let's build great docs for 3.0! Write the Docs every week-end

Godot 3's API reference is 60% incomplete. With so many changes since 2.0, we must review classes and their descriptions. The engine can only grow and attract tons of users if it has great docs. And this cannot happen without you. Join us this Saturday for the first Godot 3.0 docs Sprint!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 25 August 2017

Godot and OpenHMD at the Kiel Open Source and Linux Days

Godot and OpenHMD (VR library) developers will be at the Kiel Open Source and Linux Days in Kiel, Germany, on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September 2017. Both projects will have a stand each, and we will make a 1-hour presentation and a 2-hour workflow for aspiring and beginner Godot users.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 28 March 2017

Meet the Nodes - Godot event in Paris

Get ready to Meet the Nodes in person: we are organising a Godot event on Saturday 22 April 2017 in Paris, where many Godot developers will be giving talks, lead workshops or just be available to discuss the engine and game development! This will be a great occasion for European community members to meet Godot's lead developer, Juan Linietsky (reduz), who usually lives in Argentina.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 18 January 2017

Meet us at FOSDEM 2017 and GodotCon

The Godot Engine community is officially attending the FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, Belgium on Feb 4-5, and also organises its own "GodotCon" event in Brussels the next two days (Feb 6-7). All interested Godot users and contributors are invited to join us for a great real life meeting!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 15 December 2016

Godot Community Game Jam - Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

After the success of the previous game jams in March and June, we launch a new community game jam for the new year, with the theme "Two buttons". Go to to partake in the jam, alone or in a team with other community members!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  1 October 2016

Join the Hacktoberfest and contribute to Godot!

Hacktoberfest, an event that encourages you to contribute to open source projects (Godot included) starts now, and will last for the whole month of October. If you make at least four pull requests, you can earn a cool hacker T-shirt!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  3 June 2016

Godot Community Game Jam - June 2016

After the success of the previous game jam in March, we launch a new community game jam for the month of June 2016, with the theme "Procedural". Go to to partake in the jam, alone or in a team with other community members!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 19 March 2016

Godot at GDC 2016, aftermath

GDC (or Game Developer's Conference) is an event hosted every year in San Francisco at some point of March. The point of GDC is to reunite as much as possible of the videogame development industry in a single week. The past week, we took Godot to this event!

Ariel Manzur Ariel Manzur  -  7 September 2015

Help us write a FLOSS manual for Godot!

Do you love FLOSS Manuals? Do you love France in the summer? Come help us do a Booksprint for Godot Engine next week!

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 11 June 2015

Godot at RMLL 2015, France

Juan Linietsky, one of the main developers of Godot Engine will be giving a talk and a workshop about Godot Engine at RMLL2015.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  9 December 2014

Winter holiday Godot game jam!

GamingPenguin from the forum is organizing a Winter Holidays Godot Game Jam! (Summer Holidays Game Jam for us in the southern hemisphere).