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Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  1 March 2019

Join the Godot Meetup at GDC 2019

We're organizing a Godot Meetup at the GitHub HQ during GDC 2019, on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30 pm. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome to attend, but you do need to register beforehand on Eventbrite:

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 20 February 2019

Meet with Godot Representatives at GDC 2019

Another year, another GDC! This year, many of us core developers will be attending GDC in representation of the project to meet with companies interested in knowing more about Godot (or just meeting with us).

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 29 January 2019

Schedule for GodotCon 2019 in Brussels

GodotCon, the yearly Godot Engine event in Brussels, Belgium, is right around the corner! Here's the current schedule of talks and workshops for the event, with a short presentation of the speakers. You can still register to join us on February 4 & 5, 2019, as well as propose a talk or workshop.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 18 December 2018

Call for participation for GodotCon 2019

We have a full week of Godot-related events upcoming in Brussels, Belgium, with the Godot Sprint (31 Jan & 1 Feb 2019), FOSDEM (2-3 Feb 2019) and GodotCon (4-5 Feb 2019)! The venue for the Sprint and GodotCon has now been found, it will be the Ludus Académie in Brussels. We're now asking for proposals of talks, workshops, etc. from GodotCon attendees. The speakers lineup will be announced on this blog in January.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  7 November 2018

Meet the community at FOSDEM and GodotCon 2019

2019 is nearing and with it comes our largest yearly meetup: GodotCon in Brussels (4 & 5 Feb 2019), right after the FOSDEM (2 & 3 Feb 2019). It's time to plan your travel and accommodation, and register for our event as soon as you can to help us organize it properly. Also check out the details about our new pre-FOSDEM event for contributors, Godot Sprint (31 Jan & 1 Feb 2019).

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 29 October 2018

GitHub Game Off and Godot are a winning combination

GitHub Game Off, the month-long jam putting forward free and open source gamedev tools is back for its 2018 edition starting on November 1st! It's a great opportunity to make a game with Godot and many other great FOSS tools. And as Securas showed it last year with Daemon vs Demon, you can also win the Game Off jam with your Godot game!

Max Hilbrunner Max Hilbrunner  - 26 October 2018

Godot Wild Jam October - Results

With roughly 170 participants and 31 games submitted, the second Godot Wild Jam was a huge success! Read on about the winners for this month and see the compilation video for this Godot Wild Jam.

Max Hilbrunner Max Hilbrunner  - 10 October 2018

Godot Wild Jam

While the GodotCon in Poznań is ongoing (Livestream here!), our awesome community could not wait for the next official Godot Jam and just got one started on their own: The Godot Wild Jam.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  7 October 2018

Schedule for GodotCon 2018 in Poznań

GodotCon 2018 Poznań will be on October 10 & 11, and we have a great line-up of speakers from the Godot community who will share insights in their Godot-related work and workflow. Core contributors of the engine will also be there to introduce attendees to the inner workings of a Free and Open Source project like Godot, where everyone can get involved!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 28 August 2018

Meet the community at GodotCon Poznań 2018

We're organizing a new GodotCon in Poznań, Poland on Wed 10 & Thu 11 October 2018, right before the Game Industry Conference (same location). Our lead developer Juan Linietsky will be there (flying in from Argentina), as well as many other core developers and Godot users, and we'd love you to join us there!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  2 July 2018

Results of the Godot Jam - June 2018

After three days of intensive game development and two weeks of playtesting and rating (over 3,500 ratings!), we now have the results for our June 2018 Godot Community Game Jam! 110 games were submitted and reviewed, and the winners are: 1) "Fire and Fondness" by John Gabriel 2) "The Weather Guy" by Emilio and Andre Mari Coppola 3) "On Blazing Rails to Kansas City" by Dalton5000

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 27 June 2018

Godot at the RMLL / LSM 2018 in Strasbourg, July 7-12

Godot will be at the Libre Software Meeting 2018 (also known as RMLL – Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) in Strasbourg, France from Saturday 7 July to Thursday 12 July. We will give a 1-hour talk, a 3-hour workshop and will have a Godot booth for the whole duration of the event.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 15 June 2018

The Godot Jam starts now, theme: Temperature

With a slight delay, the Godot Community Game Jam is now starting and we can announce the theme that was elected by the community: TEMPERATURE! The jam starts today (Friday 15 June) at 19:30 UTC and will end on Monday 18 June at 23:59:59 UTC. Have fun and good luck!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 13 June 2018

Vote for the Godot Jam's theme!

As announced a few days ago, we will have a Godot Community Game Jam the coming week-end, from Friday 15 June at 18:00 UTC to Monday 18 June at 23:59 UTC. It's now time to vote to select the final theme for the jam:

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  9 June 2018

Upcoming Godot Jam on 15-18 June, theme proposals

It's been a loooong time since our previous Godot Community Game Jam in December 2016! We'll host a new one next week-end, from Friday 15 June to Monday 18 June, see the for more details.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 25 March 2018

Godot is doing well at GDC 2018!

I went to GDC yet again (this time GDC 2018) trying to see how Godot is doing at the game industry. To my surprise this time, it was quite different..

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  -  6 March 2018

Join us at GDC during the Godot Meetup 2018!

Will you be attending GDC? If so, please come visit us at our 2018 meetup that we organize together with GitHub.

Juan Linietsky Juan Linietsky  - 16 February 2018

Preparing for GDC 2018

Me and other Godot devs will be present at GDC 2018. The plan is to push Godot more into the corporate world.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 10 January 2018

GodotCon 2018: Venue and Call for Proposals

Our GodotCon 2018 is approaching and will take place at Ludus Académie in Brussels on February 5 & 6. It's your last chance to register if you want to attend the event, and it's now also the time for all participants to think about talks, workshops or other activities that they would like to have during GodotCon, and then send us their proposals.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 11 December 2017

Get ready for FOSDEM and GodotCon 2018!

In February 2018, the Godot Engine community invites you to meet together at the FOSDEM (3 & 4 Feb) and the GodotCon (5 & 6 Feb), both in Brussels, Belgium and with dozens of Godot users and contributors, including our lead developer Juan Linietsky coming all the way from Buenos Aires. FOSDEM is a huge free and open source software-focused event with over 8000 attendees. Coming right after FOSDEM in the same city, GodotCon is a small but Godot-focused event with talks, workshops and many activities around our favourite engine.

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  -  8 December 2017

Bugs: Let's catch 'em all this Saturday 9 December

Both testers and developers are doing a great job, but we need to go ever faster to get Godot 3.0 out as soon as possible - especially now that the master branch is in feature freeze, meaning that new features will have to wait for Godot 3.1 to be merged. We propose to have a special bug hunting day on Saturday, 9 December, to focus on fixing the bugs reported for the 3.0 milestone. Testers are also encouraged to use this opportunity to file new bug reports, after checking existing issues for potential duplicates.

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  -  5 December 2017

Godot 3 at the Capitole du libre

We met with Julian and Gilles at the Capitole du Libre 2017 in Toulouse. It's one of the largest French events dedicated to Free Software. We went there to showcase Godot 3 and try to introduce new users to it. Here's our report, with a bonus presentation.

Nathan GDQuest Nathan GDQuest  - 15 November 2017

Godot 3 at the Capitole du Libre 2017

We will be at the Capitole du Libre this week-end with Julian Murgia and Gilles Roudière. It's one of the largest French events dedicated to Free Software, and it's taking place in Toulouse. Come meet us if you're in the area!

Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde  - 30 October 2017

Get ready for the GitHub Game Off with Godot

GitHub is hosting the 5th edition of its #GameOff jam focused on free and open source tools. As a leading libre 2D and 3D game engine, Godot is a perfect for that jam and it's a great opportunity to give it a try and fall in love with its intuitive yet powerful workflow!