Hi! Nathan here.

I got hired by the Godot team to work part-time mission to help improve the official documentation. The job involves the following tasks:

  1. Auditing the documentation to find missing, low-quality, and outdated content.
  2. Improving the content’s organization.
  3. Triaging issues.
  4. Solidifying the workflow for core contributors and writing content guidelines.
  5. Removing outdated content.
  6. Improving the getting started guide.

Note that I will be working on the godot-docs repository and specifically on the reference manual; not on the class reference (although I took some extra time to review pending pull requests for the code reference).

All my work is public and open to feedback, entirely done on GitHub. This contract already stems from a public proposal to improve the manual by the time Godot 4.0 comes out. We had a long discussion with users and core contributors there, leading to this project.

Any changes to the content will only affect the latest version of the online manual, that is to say, the future Godot 4.0 docs. So you won’t see the changes in the stable version of the documentation until the Godot 4.0 release.

You can learn more in a video presentation of this project.

I’ve already gotten to work, starting with the audit and reviewing pull requests. To get progress report on this project periodically, you can follow me on Twitter. Alternatively, you can watch the godot-docs repository to get notified of all new issues and pull requests.

This project was funded by a generous donor who asked for work to be done specifically on the documentation.