Update: Watch the GodotCon Livestream here.

As announced a few weeks back, we’re organizing a Godot Convention (GodotCon) in Poznań, Poland, on 10 & 11 October 2018.

The organizers of the Game Industry Conference (which is also in Poznań just after GodotCon) are letting us use their great venue, and it will be a great opportunity to get together with Godot users and core developers (our lead dev Juan Linietsky is coming from Argentina).

If by any chance you’re close to Poznań and free next week, you can still register! It’s free, you just have to fill this form to let us know. See the events page for more details.

Talks, workshops and speakers

The schedule is not 100% final yet, but here’s an overview of the talks/workshops that we planned so far, and some information on the speakers. The order shown below is only indicative, the exact time for each activity will be given Wednesday morning.

As mentioned on the events page, we plan two different focuses for the first and second day. The first day will focus more on engine contributions and technical discussions around the roadmap and future features, while the second day will be more general purpose with different talks and workshop to share game-making knowledge. Everyone is invited to attend both days though, we’ll have activities proposed to match all interests.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

  • Talk: The many ways to contribute to Godot Rémi Verschelde (Akien)
    • Godot relies on its community to evolve, and there are many ways for everyone to contribute depending on their skills and interests.
  • Demo: A short guide to contributing to Godot’s editor Gilles Roudière (groud)
    • Godot’s code base is big, but well organized. Gilles will show how to dive in the editor/ folder to make changes to the editor without impacting the core engine.
  • Workshop: Hacktoberfest workshop - come and fix Godot! All core devs as tutors
    • Bring your computer and work on fixing engine issues or writing documentation under the guidance of core Godot devs.
    • Prerequisites: Laptop with Git, and for code contributions a C++ compiler installed.
  • Talk: New networking features and Multiplayer API in Godot 3.1 Fabio Alessandrelli (Fales)
    • The next release comes with many new networking and multiplayer features, both high level APIs and support of protocols like WebSocket, WebRTC and UPNP.
  • Talk: But where are your scenes? Wojciech Chojnacki (czlowiekimadlo)
    • A presentation/discussion about the approach to the code and assets structure, and how it works for your team depending on the composition and experience of said team.
  • Workshop: 2D game workshop/demo Leszek Nowak (John Meadow)
    • Leszek will demo the development of a 2D game with audience interaction. Several options will be available based on attendees’ interests: platformer shooter, space shooter with enemy AI, drift racing game, and pong with a twist - destructive environment.
  • Dev discussions around current topics, everyone welcome to chime in and see how FOSS gets made:
    • Roadmap for future Godot versions: 3.2 / 4.0
    • Upcoming changes for the networking API Fabio Alessandrelli (Fales)
    • Potentially other topics based on needs/interests

The above activities are intentionally planned not to fill the whole day, so that there is time to get to know each other, present one’s work to other attendees, playtest games, etc. We’ll shape the day based on the interests of the audience to make the most out of it :)

Thursday, 11 October 2018

  • Demo: Showcase and insights into the new TPS demo Juan Linietsky (reduz)
    • Juan will show us how the exciting new TPS demo is set up, with insights in how to import assets, set up 3D scenes and configure the materials and environment for such a visual output.
  • Talk: My Godot toolbox: patterns, animation and encapsulation Jakub Grzesik (kubecz3k)
    • A quick set of patterns, tricks and rules that I like to keep in mind when I’m developing a game in Godot Engine.
  • Talk: Nonconventional games: Godot in medical simulation Ilaria Cislaghi (QbieShay)
    • Godot is a powerful multipurpose engine that can be used for pushing the boundaries of medical simulation. In this presentation we will explore non-conventional use of the engine, software practices that emerged during development and thoughts about Godot itself.
  • Talk: Procrastinators hate him - a simple trick to keep development momentum Mariusz Chwalba (koder)
    • Overview of simple tools and tricks that will get your project released, handpicked from agile development methodology. Simple and overhead free.
  • Talk: Simulations with Godot at Jagiellonian University Leszek Nowak (John Meadow)
    • Jagiellonian University is deploying Godot as main teaching software for Geometry and Simulation. Leszek will present their project and how the Godot community can benefit from it.
  • Talk/demo: How I grow with grass shader Krzysztof Jankowski (w84death)
    • My story of learning shaders the hard way - by doing an awesome grass shader!
  • Workshop: Normals can be fun Mariusz Chwalba (koder)
    • Basic way to get a normal mapped 2D sprites from Blender to Godot, and a few fun things you can do with them in Godot.
    • Prerequisites: Laptop with Godot 3.x and Blender 2.79c installed.

The speakers

Here’s some info about our GodotCon speakers. Note that we’re still accepting late proposals of activities, so you could be one of those too :)

Ilaria Cislaghi
Ilaria Cislaghi is a game designer working for simedis AG, a company specialised in virtual reality medical simulation. In her free time, she enjoys developing games about Antarctica with Godot.
Fabio Alessandrelli is a core Godot developer and maintainer of the networking stack of the engine, among other contributions. As an indie dev, he also published Aequitas Orbis in early access, a multiplayer 2D space game using Godot 2.1.
Fabio Alessandrelli
Gilles Roudière
Gilles Roudière is one of Godot's core developers and focuses lately on the engine's usability, with many changes to the editor like an enhanced FileSystem dock, a better workflow in the 2D CanvasItem editor and a new axis handling system for gamepads.
Jakub Grzesik is the programmer half of Polish studio Kivano Software, who brought us the Godot game Marble Machine and is now getting close to releasing RivenTails: Defense. He's also a contributor to Godot's bug triage team.
Jakub Grzesik
Juan Linietsky
Juan Linietsky is Godot's co-creator and lead developer, and oversees most of the features added to the engine to keep it efficient and well-designed. He splits his work time between writing code himself, and helping other contributors make good changes.
Krzysztof Jankowski is the prolific coder of FOSS-focused Polish studio P1X, and worked on projects such as Tanks of Freedom, Piradice and BitWars.
Krzysztof Jankowski
Leszek Nowak
Leszek Nowak teaches Game Development at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where they are now using Godot as default teaching software for Simulation and Geometry courses. He also made over 10 games with Godot during game jams.
Mariusz Chwalba describes himself as a programmer by trade, gamer by hobby, game developer for fun. He loves sci-fi and fantasy - both movies, books and games - and works on ΔV - Rings of Saturn with Godot 3.1.
Mariusz Chwalba
Rémi Verschelde
Rémi Verschelde is Godot's project manager, working relentlessly to facilitate contributors' work and make sure that it fits Godot's architecture and standards. That also implies organizing community events like this GodotCon :)
Wojciech Chojnacki is a professional backend programmer, also streaming and gamedev enthusiast, enjoying making games as much as playing them. Part of the P1X team, working on small, open-source projects.
Wojciech Chojnacki