After three days of intensive game development and two weeks of playtesting and rating (over 3,500 ratings!), we now have the results for our June 2018 Godot Community Game Jam!

110 participants developed games with Godot Engine on the theme TEMPERATURE. There were ton of great ideas, and it has been a lot of fun to play them all and give the authors some feedback. All games can be downloaded from the jam page, and you can also see how they were implemented with the source archives or repositories provided by the developed. 38 of those games were their developers’ first Godot project (filter the entries with the “Yes” filter to see them).

For the first time, we also have some prizes for our jam winners, thanks to the generosity of Packt Publishing! See below for details, but first let’s check the top 3!

1. Fire and Fondness


Fire and Fondness is a delightful tale of love, tradition and carbonisation (UK spelling intended) by John Gabriel! This cute and well-designed pixel art puzzle game snatched the 1st position in the Gameplay and Graphics and Sound categories, and 2nd position in the Theme interpretation category (Overall rating: 4.088). And while there was no voting criterion for the writing, the introduction and ending texts of the game are definitely worth reading!

Download the jam version or play it online on Browse the source code repository and have fun with the post-jam Enhanced Edition!

2. The Weather Guy

The Weather Guy by Emilio and Andre Mari Coppola is a clever quiz game where you have to guess real-time temperatures in big cities all around the world. The beautiful artwork and animation coupled with the witty writing and intelligent use of live real-world data made it a brilliant entry.

Download the jam version, see detailed credits on or browse the source code repository.

Emilio and Andre Mari’s 2nd place is all the more impressive given that this was their first Godot game!

3. On Blazing Rails to Kansas City

On Blazing Rails to Kansas City by Dalton5000 is a cute arcade game where you fire up your locomotive by throwing coal on it, while simultaneously splashing it with water to prevent overheating and throwing bombs at weight-dropping birds! While the game in the jam version is a bit on the easy side, the gameplay is very smooth and well executed, and the great art, animations, music and sound effects make it a gorgeous game.

Download the jam version or play it online on The source code is available as an archive on


We decided to celebrate this very successful game jam with some goodies for the winners, as well as for a couple randomly-selected participants (using GDScript’s randi() for the selection of course!).

We have nice Godot T-shirts from the previous GodotCon with the Godot 3.0 design that we will send to our 3 jam winners, but there’s more!

Chris Bradfield, one of the main contributors to Godot’s official documentation, as well as the guy behind the great KidsCanCode tutorials channel, has just published the Godot Engine Game Development Projects book with Packt Publishing. It was sent for printing today and should be available in paper format and ebook within a week. I had the opportunity to have a look at the book and it should be a pretty good learning resource, teaching how to use Godot hands-on with 5 different projects implemented from scratch, each introducing more advanced features of the engine to master.

Packt Publishing gave us several printed copies of the book as prizes for the jam, which we’ll have signed by Chris and shipped to our winners. We chose to give one copy to the overall jam winner, and one copy each to two first-time Godot users who participated in the jam (chosen randomly). Therefore we’re giving away three signed copies to:

And there’s more! Packt also gave us discount coupons for the book to share with all jam participants, you should receive them by email tomorrow (15% discount on the printed book and 50% discount on the ebook).

Thanks everyone for participating in this great jam, either as game developer or as player. Stay tuned for infos regarding our next jam!