Release candidate: Godot 3.2.4 RC 1

By: Rémi Verschelde 28 January 2021

After 4 months of development it's time to aim for the 3.2.4 stable release to bring the numerous new features and even more important bug fixes to all Godot users.

So here's a first Release Candidate to get broader testing of everything that has been iterated upon in the past 6 beta builds.

You can try it live with the online version of the Godot editor updated for this release.


The main changes coming in Godot 3.2.4 and included in this Release Candidate are:

And there's even more in the works that will be included in future beta builds.


The main new features are highlighted in bold. Refer to the linked pull requests for details.

  • Android: Add support for the Android App Bundle format (GH-42185).
  • Android: Add support for emedded Godot as a subview in Android applications (GH-42186).
  • Android: Fix splash screen loading (GH-42389).
  • Android: Add notch cutout support for Android P and later (GH-43104).
  • Android: Add support for mouse events (GH-42360).
  • Android: Add support for keyboard modifiers and arrow keys (GH-40398).
  • Android: Fix screen orientation settings and API (GH-43022, GH-43248), GH-43511).
  • Android: Update logic to sign prebuilt APKs with apksigner instead of jarsigner, as required for Android API 30 (GH-44645).
  • Audio: Add MP3 loading and playback support (GH-43007).
  • C#: Official builds now use Mono
  • C#: Re-work solution build output panel (GH-42547).
  • C#: Godot.NET.Sdk/3.2.4 - Fix targeting .NETFramework with .NET 5 (GH-44135).
  • C#: Fixes to WebAssembly support (GH-44105, GH-44374).
  • C#: Fix System.Collections.Generic.List marshalling (GH-45029).
  • C#: Fix support for Unicode identifiers (GH-45310).
  • Core: Optimize octree and fix leak (GH-41123).
  • Core: Disable decayment of freed Objects to null in debug builds (GH-41866).
  • Core: More fixes to Variant and Reference pointers (GH-43049).
  • Core: Add append_array method to Array class (GH-43398).
  • Core: Add ability to restore RandomNumberGenerator state (GH-45019).
  • CSG: Various bug fixes.
  • Editor: Fixed renaming/moving of nodes with exported NodePaths in the editor (GH-42314).
  • Editor: Improve 3D rotation gizmo (GH-43016).
  • Editor: Add a dynamic infinite grid to the 3D editor (GH-43206).
  • Editor: Use 75% editor scale on small displays automatically (GH-43611).
  • Editor: Require Ctrl for switching between editors, bind F2 to Rename Node (GH-38201).
  • FBX: Rewritten and improved importer (GH-42941).
  • Font: Load dynamic fonts to memory on all platforms to avoid locked files (GH-44117).
  • Font: Fix fallback emoji font color (GH-44212).
  • GDScript: Fix leaks due to cyclic references (GH-41931).
  • GLES2/GLES3: Fix buffer orphaning on desktop (GH-42734).
  • GLES2/GLES3: Fix flipped normal mapping in 2D with batching and nvidia workaround (GH-41323, GH-41254).
  • GLES2: Various improvements to 2D batching (GH-42119).
    • See GH-42899 for instructions on how to test the improved 2D batching and report your results.
  • GLES2: Fix glow on devices with only 8 texture slots (GH-42446).
  • GLES2: Use separate texture unit for light_texture (GH-42538).
  • GLES2: Fix PanoramaSky artifacts on Android (GH-44489).
  • GLES3: Add 2D batching support, unified architecture with GLES2 (GH-42119).
    • See GH-42899 for instructions on how to test the new GLES3 2D batching and report your results.
  • GLES3: Fixes to Screen Space Reflections (GH-38954, GH-41892).
  • GLES3: Ensure that color values in Reinhard tonemapping are positive (GH-42056).
  • glTF: Use vertex colors by default (GH-41007).
  • glTF: Fix parsing base64-encoded buffer and image data (GH-42501, GH-42504).
  • glTF: Fix handling of normalized accessor property (GH-44746).
  • GraphEdit: Add minimap support, enabled by default (GH-43416).
  • GUI: Add AspectRatioContainer class (GH-45129).
  • HTML5: Synchronous main, better persistence, handlers fixes, optional full screen (GH-42266).
  • HTML5: Move audio processing to thread when threads are enabled (GH-42510).
  • HTML5: Merged code for web editor prototype (GH-42790).
  • HTML5: Add AudioWorklet support in multithreaded builds (GH-43454).
  • HTML5: Add optional GDNative support (GH-44076).
  • HTML5: Use internal implementation of the Gamepad API (GH-45078).
  • Input: Add mouse event pass-through support for the game window (GH-40205).
  • Input: Add support for buttons and D-pads mapped to half axes (GH-42800).
  • Input: Add driving joystick type to windows joystick handling (GH-44082).
  • iOS: Add support for iOS plugins, with a similar interface to Android plugins (GH-41340).
    • You can read the updated documentation on godot-docs#4213, until it's merged and included in the 3.2 documentation.
    • Previously built-in iOS features like ARKit, camera support, GameCenter, ICloud and InAppStore modules are now first-party plugins which can be installed from godot-ios-plugins. The relevant documentation will soon be updated to be clarify their usage with 3.2.4-stable.
  • iOS: Fix multiple issues with PVRTC import, disable ETC1 (GH-38076).
  • iOS: Add touch delay value to project settings (GH-42457).
  • iOS: Fixes to keyboard input, including better IME support (GH-43560).
  • Lighting: New CPU lightmapper (GH-44628).
  • Linux: Fix issues related to delay when processing events (GH-42341).
  • Linux: Implement --no-window mode (GH-42276).
  • Linux: Prevent audio corruption in the ALSA driver (GH-43928).
  • macOS: ARM64 support in official binaries.
    • Currently only for standard builds, Mono ARM64 builds are still a work in progress.
  • Node: Fix Editable Children issues with node renaming, moving, duplicating and instancing (GH-39533).
  • macOS: Fix mouse position in captured mode (GH-42328).
  • macOS: Fix get_screen_dpi for non-fractional display scales (GH-42478).
  • macOS: Implement --no-window mode (GH-42276).
  • MeshInstance: Add option for software skinning (GH-40313).
  • Physics: New dynamic BVH for GodotPhysics backends (GH-44901).
  • Physics: Various bug fixes for 2D and 3D.
  • Physics: Fix multiple issues with one-way collisions (GH-42574).
  • Rendering: Add fast approximate antialiasing (FXAA) to Viewport (GH-42006).
  • Rendering: Disable lights for objects with baked lighting (GH-41629).
  • Rendering: Add option for snapping 2D transforms to whole coordinates, for pixel art motion (GH-43554).
  • Rendering: New dynamic BVH (GH-44901).
  • Sprite3D: Use full float UV for better precision (GH-42537) [regression fix].
  • VR: Add WebXR support for VR games (GH-42397).
  • Windows: Fix debugger not getting focused on break on Windows (GH-40555).
  • YSort: Make rendering order more deterministic (GH-42375).
  • Thirdparty library updates (enet 1.3.17, freetype 2.10.4, mbedtls 2.16.9, pcre2 10.36, tinyexr 1.0.0, zstd 1.4.8).
  • API documentation updates.
  • Editor translation updates.
  • And many more bug fixes and usability enhancements all around the engine!

See the full changelog since 3.2.3-stable (chronological, or for each contributor), or the changes since the previous beta 6 build.

This release is built from commit dae72fcdd50094ef909ab99b7d19e46cdec463d5.


The download links for dev snapshots are not featured on the Download page to avoid confusion for new users. Instead, browse our download repository and fetch the editor binary that matches your platform:

  • Standard build (GDScript, GDNative, VisualScript).
  • Mono build (C# support + all the above). You need to have MSBuild installed to use the Mono build. Relevant parts of Mono are included in this build.

Bug reports

As a tester, you are encouraged to open bug reports if you experience issues with 3.2.4 RC 1. Please check first the existing issues on GitHub, using the search function with relevant keywords, to ensure that the bug you experience is not known already.

In particular, any change that would cause a regression in your projects is very important to report (e.g. if something that worked fine in 3.2.3 or earlier no longer works in 3.2.4 RC 1).


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