We are happy to announce that another Godot Conference (GodotCon) is coming!

At the beginning of this year we held a Godot Conference completely online for the first time.

We have been thrilled to see many interesting talks held by a group of competent and talented speakers and we’ve been very happy with the positive reception of the event. You can watch all those talks in replay on YouTube.

We had plenty of great talk proposals that we couldn’t fit in this first online conference, so we want to repeat the experience in July 2021!

Online GodotCon July 2021 will again consist of pre-recorded talks with optional Q&A for the speakers.

As usual for Godot events, the conference will be free of charge, and the video streams will be available to replay after the event.


Last GodotCon was on an extremely tight schedule, both for us organizers, and for all the speakers. We have therefore decided to account for more time in every stage of the organization in which we felt we could have benefited from a more relaxed schedule.

  • 2 April 2021 - Opening the call for participation
  • 25 April 2021 - Closing the call for participation
  • 15 May 2021 - Tentative final lineup of the conference
  • 15 June 2021 - Collect videos from the speakers
  • 3 July 2021 - Conference!

Call for participation

The call for participation starts on the 2nd of April 2021, and finishes on the 25st of April 2021.

We encourage anyone interested to send us a proposal for a talk, workshop or any other format of knowledge sharing that you have in mind. We are looking forward to see any topic that relates to Godot in some form. You could showcase your project, talk about some nifty tools that you have developed, detail your process for game development with Godot and so on.

We hope to receive again a variety of different topics, from community topics, to art topics, to programming, etc.

When we opened the previous call for participation, we received an astounding amount of very good proposals, most of which we couldn’t fit in the 8 hours schedule that we had planned. It is absolutely fine, and even encouraged, to re-submit your proposal for this GodotCon.

As an indication, we propose a duration of 20 minutes (+ 5-10 min Q&A) for talks, though you can tell us if you’d prefer a different format. A 5 min presentation of your game would be welcome, and a 40 min talk is fine too if the topic is worth it :)

Please send your proposals to godotcon at godotengine · org with the following information:

  • Type (talk, tutorial, live demo… anything you think would be fun to see)
  • Title
  • Abstract (short description of what it will be about)
  • Preferred communication method (for us to contact you)

More questions?

For any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to write to that same mail (godotcon at godotengine · org) and the GodotCon team (Aina, Ilaria, Julian, and Wojciech) will try to solve your doubts.

We hope to see you at the event, and may we be able to also organise an in-person conference soon!