We are proud to announce the official Godot showcase is making a return after 3 years of absence! The new showcase focuses on high-quality, published projects but also features a few projects that had successful crowdfunding campaigns.

We’re thrilled to be able to finally showcase the most amazing projects from the Godot community on our website. Thanks to all the developers involved for letting us use their work to promote the engine.

Despite being a by-product of Godot’s development, application design has become a notable target for developers. Due to this, this showcase features not only games, but also features several applications made with Godot.

You can view the page’s technical implementation in this pull request. This is a first version and we’d be happy to get your feedback. We’ll keep working on it and also make it more prominent in the website’s top navigation bar (it’s currently only featured in the bottom menu).

Submitting your project to the showcase

Please note we have a much higher quality barrier compared to before. The aim for the showcase is to show that high quality games and applications can be made using Godot, to give potential users a good impression of what they might be able to achieve with our engine.

Your project needs to be already published and must obey the following criteria:

  • For a desktop game, 25 reviews on Steam or an equivalent platform.
  • For a mobile game, 5,000 downloads on any given platform’s app store.

You can submit a non-game application made with Godot, as long as it’s publicly available for download or purchase. Aside from the above threshold, there’s no objective acceptance criteria, we’ll be reviewing projects subjectively and selecting the ones which we find are best suited to showcase Godot’s diverse capabilities.

To avoid copyright and trademark issues, we don’t accept fangame submissions unless they’re endorsed by the original copyright/trademark holder.

With that said, you can submit your project for inclusion in the showcase.