We organize two Godot community events in the week leading to the Game Industry Conference (GIC) in Poznań, Poland: a new Godot Sprint for engine contributors on October 14 & 15, 2019 and a GodotCon for all users on October 16 & 17, 2019.

All GodotCon attendees are also encouraged to stay for the rest of the week (October 17 to October 20) for the actual Game Industry Conference, where our lead developer Juan Linietsky (reduz) will be a speaker, as well as the Poznań Game Arena (PGA) in the same venue, where many game studios demo their projects, including a number of indie developers using Godot.


What are Godot Sprint and GodotCon?

GodotCon - Oct 16 & 17, 2019

We already had three GodotCons (short for Godot Conference) in Brussels (2017, 2018 and 2019) and once in Poznań (2018) over the past few years. GodotCon is an event for all Godot community members, both curious newcomers and power users, to meet other users and contributors to the engine and exchange knowledge and experience. We typically have talks and workshops during the two days, and those who wish so also hang out together for dinner in the evenings.

Like last year, our event is graciously hosted as a side event of the Game Industry Conference, which will start with a nice party on the last evening of the GodotCon (October 17). The venue will be the MTP Poznań Expo, which is located centrally in the city and is also the venue for the (much bigger) GIC and PGA events.

If you are interested in meeting fellow Godot users and many of the engine’s core contributors, we strongly recommend that you join us at GodotCon. Last year was a lot of fun, and we expect this new edition to be even better :)

Godot Sprint - Oct 14 & 15, 2019

The Godot Sprint, which we had for the first time last February in Brussels, is another two-day event dedicated to engine contributors. As we usually work together online and discuss via IRC or GitHub, we use opportunities like Godot Sprint to finally talk together IRL, which lets us discuss a number of technical topics and reach consensus much faster.

So this event is mostly meetings focusing on specific contribution-related topics, such as the development roadmap, how to improve our workflows, onboarding of new contributors, as well as many technical topics which are of interest to the attendees.

And of course this is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, which also greatly improves our ability to contribute efficiently towards common goals and make Godot an ever greater engine.

If you’re not a contributor yet but would like to become one, or are curious about a community-driven FOSS project operates, you are welcome to attend the Godot Sprint too.

The venue is yet to be confirmed, but might also be at the MTP or nearby.

Practical information

See our Events page for the details and pratical information, including links to relevant GIC pages with travel information. The Events page will be updated as we get more details about the event, especially regarding the speakers and schedule (see call for participation below).

Both the GodotCon and Godot Sprint have free entry, but we ask you to register via this form so that we know who to expect, and how many attendees will be there.

The venue for GodotCon is the MTP Poznań Expo, same place as the GIC. Godot Sprint might also be there or within walking distance. We encourage you to book travel and accommodation as soon as possible. Any location in downtown Poznań should be either within walking distance or a short tramway ride of the MTP.

Call for participations

Over the coming weeks, we encourage all Godot users who plan to attend GodotCon to send us proposals for talks or workshops that you would like to give. Just like Godot itself, the GodotCon is an event made for and by Godot users, so we need you to propose content that will make it a great event for all attendees.

We’re interested in any Godot-related topic. It can be a talk about your own Godot project, the tricks you’re using in your workflow, a specific feature or plugin that you developed in the engine, etc. We’d like to have diverse speakers and topics, so if you’re using Godot for non-gaming topics (education, research, non-game apps, etc.), you’re also very welcome to share this with the community. Basically, feel free to propose anything that you think could be worth sharing with fellow Godot users and/or contributors.

As an indication, we propose a duration of 20 minutes (+ 5-10 min Q&A) for talks, though you can tell us if you’d prefer a different format. A 5 min presentation of your game would be welcome, and a 30 min talk or workshop is fine too if the topic is worth it :)

Please send your proposals to remi at godotengine · org, with the following information:

  • Type (talk, workshop, round table, live demo, live tutorial… feel free to think outside the box)
  • Title
  • Abstract (short description of what it will be about)
  • Technical requirements (whether you need a projector, with or without sound, etc.)

Don’t overthink the above too much, I’d prefer to know ASAP who may give a talk, and we can fill in more details later on.

For inspiration, feel free to review the schedules of the past two events for a glimpse at the kind of activities that we usually have.