The year 2019 is coming to an end, and it’s time for us to start planning our 2020 events. As usual, core contributors and community members will meet at and around the FOSDEM in Brussels, in particular at the GodotCon on Mon 3 and Tue 4 February 2020.

Like last year, we will have three events next to each other:

  • Godot Sprint on Thu 30 and Fri 31 January 2020, where core contributors meet to work together, exchange on all kinds of topics related to the Godot project: technical proposals, roadmap for future releases and common work, community management, etc. Everyone interested in Godot’s development is welcome to attend, but be aware that it’s primarily too technical-oriented work days for contributors.
  • FOSDEM 2020 on Sat 1 and Sun 2 February 2020, where we have a Godot stand where you can meet community members, buy a Godot T-shirt or get free goodies like stickers or metal pins.
    For the first time, some of us will also organize a Game Development devroom on Sat 1, with a series of talks about Free and Open Source game development tools and games. If you missed our CFP posted a couple of months ago, you still have a few days to submit talk proposals (but be quick, we’re already past our planned deadline but we still have a few slots we can allocate).
  • GodotCon Brussels 2020 on Mon 3 and Tue 4 February 2020, which is our convention for all members of the Godot community, with talks, demos and workshops of interesting projects. For examples of the kind of talks that we have at the GodotCon, you can check the schedules of past events (Poznań 2018, Brussels 2019, Poznań 2019). See below for our Call for Participations to propose your own talk.

Like previous years, the venue for Godot Sprint and GodotCon will be Ludus Académie, Quai du Commerce 48, Brussels (OpenStreetMap). Thanks to them for hosting us once again!

The FOSDEM takes place at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) as usual.

As in previous years, many core engine developers will be there (including our lead developer Juan Liniestky coming from Argentina for the event), so it should be a great time to discuss all things Godot.

Information overload, what’s for me?

If you’re lost among the three events listed above, GodotCon on Mon 3 and Tue 4 February 2020 is what you should be looking into. It’s our main event for all Godot users. And if you’re coming to Brussels for GodotCon, you might as well swing by the FOSDEM to learn about many Free and Open Source projects, including Godot.

Where do I sign up?

All three events are free of charge for everyone, and for the FOSDEM you do not even need to register: just show up and say hi at the Godot stand!

For the Godot Sprint and GodotCon however, registration is mandatory as we need to know how many persons will be there to find appropriate venues in Brussels. To help us with the organization, we ask that you register as soon as possible.

Register here:

You can also indicate on that form if you plan to attend FOSDEM, so that we know who to expect.

Practical information

As mentioned above, depending on the events, there are two different venues:

  • Godot Sprint and GodotCon will be held at Ludus Académie, Quai du Commerce 48, Brussels
  • FOSDEM is held at the ULB Solbosch Campus, see their practical information.

The Events page on this website is the reference if you need up-to-date information on the events (both before and during the event).

Call for participations for GodotCon

Over the coming weeks, we encourage all Godot users who plan to attend GodotCon to send us proposals for talks or workshops that you would like to give. Just like Godot itself, the GodotCon is an event made for and by Godot users, so we need you to propose content that will make it a great event for all attendees.

We’re interested in any Godot-related topic. It can be a talk about your own Godot project, the tricks you’re using in your workflow, a specific feature or plugin that you developed in the engine, etc. We’d like to have diverse speakers and topics, so if you’re using Godot for non-gaming topics (education, research, non-game apps, etc.), you’re also very welcome to share this with the community. Basically, feel free to propose anything that you think could be worth sharing with fellow Godot users and/or contributors.

As an indication, we propose a duration of 20 minutes (+ 5-10 min Q&A) for talks, though you can tell us if you’d prefer a different format. A 5 min presentation of your game would be welcome, and a 40 min talk or workshop is fine too if the topic is worth it :)

Please send your proposals to remi at godotengine · org, with the following information:

  • Type (talk, workshop, round table, live demo, live tutorial… feel free to think outside the box)
  • Title
  • Abstract (short description of what it will be about)
  • Technical requirements (whether you need a projector, with or without sound, etc.)

Don’t overthink the above too much, I’d prefer to know ASAP who may give a talk, and we can fill in more details later on.

For inspiration, feel free to review the schedules of past events for a glimpse at the kind of activities that we usually have (Poznań 2018, Brussels 2019, Poznań 2019).

Looking forward to meeting some of you in Brussels!