We’ve just released Godot 4.0 after 3+ years of intense development! This is the start of the Godot 4 journey, and there is still need for a few iterations for the 4.x branch to be as stable and reliable as the existing 3.5 branch.

As such, it’s natural that existing Godot 3.5 users would prefer to stay on that version for a while, and we’re determined to provide them with bugfix releases. This 3.5.2 maintenance release fixes a handful of issues which have been solved in the past few months in parallel to Godot 4.0 development, and could be backported to the 3.5 branch. Nothing fancy, but a welcome upgrade from 3.5.1.

This is a safe and recommended update for all Godot 3.5.x users. It should have no major impact on your projects, even complex ones in production, if you’re already using 3.5.1-stable.

Download Godot 3.5.2 now or try the online version of the Godot editor.

The illustration picture is from Lumencraft, a top-down, roguelike shooter with base building and tower defense elements. It is developed by 2Dynamic Games, and recently published its full 1.0 public release with a single-player Story mode, and a lot of gameplay improvements. You can find the game on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and the Mac App Store.


See the curated changelog, or the full commit history on GitHub or in text form for an exhaustive overview of the fixes in this release.

Here are the main changes since 3.5.1-stable:

  • 2D: Fix AtlasTexture rects calculation when flipping (GH-70227).
  • 3D: Fix Sprite3D/AnimatedSprite3D drawing AtlasTextures with vertical margins differently than in 2D (GH-66063).
  • 3D: Fix bug in CylinderMesh when computing normals (GH-67336).
  • 3D: Fix Skeleton3D falsely assuming all physical bones will be children of their first bone (GH-67282).
  • Android: Upgrade gradle plugin to version 7.2.1 (GH-68497).
  • Android: Fix potential null in keyboard handling (GH-66942).
  • Android: Fix exporting custom APPLICATION_ATTRIBS (GH-69024).
  • Android: Fix writing value for XR hand tracking V2.0 in manifest (GH-71231).
  • Animation: Cast between float and ints in Tween tween_property() (GH-65072).
  • Core: Fix String word_wrap() for long words (GH-64564).
  • Core: Fix hashing bug for PoolArrays comparisons (GH-71103).
  • Core: Fix File.get_path() not working for compressed files (GH-70726).
  • Core: Revert “RID: Change comparison operators to use RID_Data id instead of address” (GH-69946).
  • Editor: Fix SpriteFrames editor calculating frame index from mouse position (GH-68064).
  • Editor: Fix drag and drop of resource files with non-lowercase extension (GH-68107).
  • Editor: Improve dragging scene into 3D viewport (GH-68114).
  • GDNative: Fix script_data error when updating placeholder scripts for GDNative libraries (GH-66255).
  • GDScript: Fix Script editor completion doesn’t suggest members of a script for type hints (GH-48037).
  • GDScript: Fix local variables not showing when breaking on final line (GH-71093).
  • GDScript: LSP: Improve handling of file URI scheme (GH-69960).
  • GUI: Fix RichTextLabel wrong visible line count for newline (GH-59765).
  • GUI: Fix TreeItem remove_child() not updating Tree immediately (GH-69569).
  • GUI: Fix TextMesh auto-translation and ignore control chars (GH-69585).
  • GUI: Fix RichTextLabel discards appended BBCode text on window resize when using DynamicFont (GH-70593).
  • HTML5: Add missing OS::get_cursor_shape() implementation (GH-66871).
  • HTML5: Fix bug in setting custom cursor (GH-67044).
  • HTML5: Add PS3 controller guide button mapping (GH-73163).
  • HTML5: Fix Standard Gamepad Mapping triggers for Chromium-based browsers (GH-73254).
  • Import: Fix trying to import unknown dependency from scan (GH-67664).
  • Import: Handle closed splines in Collada importer (GH-67834).
  • Input: Fix setting Input action raw strength and exact in action_press()/action_release() (GH-66480).
  • iOS: Add new model identifiers for DPI metrics (GH-70022).
  • iOS: Implement missing gamepad.buttonOptions, buttonMenu, and buttonHome joy buttons (GH-73781).
  • iOS: Increase max simultaneous touches to 32 (GH-74367).
  • Linux: Fix burning CPU with udev disabled on Flatpak (GH-69563).
  • macOS: Update activation hack to work on Ventura (GH-68777).
  • macOS: Fix stylus tilt Y direction (GH-70498).
  • Navigation: Fix NavigationObstacle not registering to default navigation map (GH-66530).
  • Navigation: Fix NavigationObstacle not estimating radius (GH-66585).
  • Navigation: Fix avoidance calculation on NO_THREADS build (e.g. HTML5 without threads) (GH-66806).
  • Navigation: Fix emitting target_reached signal before updating state (GH-68072).
  • Physics: Fix computation of RigidBody2D inverse_mass when inertia is defined by the user (GH-68659).
  • Physics: Store Bullet total gravity, linear damp and angular damp calculations (GH-69823).
  • Physics: Fix typo bug in heightmap shape (GH-69852).
  • Rendering: Add options for sorting transparent objects (GH-63040).
  • Rendering: Fix debanding strength being affected by environment adjustments (GH-66327).
  • Rendering: Fix potential shader compiler out of bounds read (GH-68813).
  • Rendering: Fix GLES 2 SpotLight bug with shadow filter mode (GH-69826).
  • Rendering: Fix GLES 2 octahedral half float unpacking (GH-71510).
  • UWP: Fix app crash when updating clipboard (GH-73126).
  • UWP: Fix build with Google ANGLE not supporting EGL_ANGLE_DISPLAY_ALLOW_RENDER_TO_BACK_BUFFER (GH-73127).
  • Windows: Fix handling of some dead key combinations using Unicode char instead of Virtual key (GH-66314).
  • Windows: Fix Alt Gr getting stuck after Right Alt-Tab (GH-71730).
  • Windows: Fix Xbox Series controller detected as 2 devices (GH-71784).
  • Thirdparty libraries: libpng 1.6.39, libwebp 1.2.4, mbedtls 2.28.2, miniupnpc 2.2.4, nanosvg from 2022-11-21, recast from 2022-11-26, stb_vorbis 1.22, zlib/minizip 1.2.13, CA root certificates from 2022-10-21, GameControllerDB from 2023-02-27.
  • API documentation updates.

Known incompatibilities

As of now, there are no known incompatibilities with the previous Godot 3.5.x releases. We encourage all users to upgrade to 3.5.2.

If you experience any unexpected behavior change in your projects after upgrading to 3.5.2, please file an issue on GitHub.


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