It’s been a while since our last stable release! And this is not the long anticipated 3.5, nor 4.0, but simply a Godot 3.4.5 maintenance release to fix a handful of issues in the current 3.4 stable branch.

But don’t worry – the feature release 3.5 is just around the corner (and you can use it now via its last release candidate), and 4.0 beta is not far off either.

This is a safe and recommended update for all Godot 3.4.x users. It should have no major incidence on your projects, even complex ones in production, if you’re already using 3.4.4-stable.

Notable changes that motivate this release include:

  • Increase Android target API level to 31 to match Google Play requirements for new apps as of August 2022.
  • Update mbedtls and zlib libraries to fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Ignore support of S3TC compression format on mobile devices to ensure the use of ETC2 for GLES3 (fixes issues with Meta Quest 2 after a recent system update).

Download Godot 3.4.5 now or try the online version of the Godot editor.


See the curated changelog, or the full commit history on GitHub or in text form for an exhaustive overview of the fixes in this release.

Here are the main changes since 3.4.4-stable:

  • 2D: Expose tile_texture property in TilesetEditorContext (GH-60770).
  • Android: Update target SDK version to API level 31 (Android 12) (GH-62297).
    • This fulfills Google Play requirements for August 2022.
    • When upgrading to 3.4.5 for projects using Android custom builds, you have to manually set the “Target Sdk” option to 31 in your export preset. For new presets, this is the new default value.
  • Android: Fix crash when trying to paste non-text data from clipboard (GH-60563).
  • Animation: Fix looping issue in AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback with “At End” switch mode (GH-60247).
  • Audio: Instance audio streams before AudioServer::lock() call (GH-59413).
  • Audio: Fix crash in AudioServer when switching audio devices with different audio channels count (GH-59778).
  • Buildsystem: Fix creating VS solutions with SCons 4.4.0 (GH-63722).
  • C#: Avoid modifying csproj globbing includes on remove (GH-59521).
  • C#: Fix Transform.Translated method affecting the original transform (GH-63685).
  • Core: Fix left aligned integer sign in string formatting (GH-60679).
  • Editor: Fix popup dialog UI in AnimationTreePlayer editor (GH-60200).
  • Editor: Fix EditorProperty icon overlapping text with checkbox (GH-58125).
  • Editor: Fix custom class icon when it inherits from a script (GH-60536).
  • Editor: Fix UndoRedo in Gradient editor (GH-60401).
  • Editor: Fix crash when editing pinned StyleBox (GH-61071).
  • Editor: Fix GridMap cursor showing the wrong mesh (GH-58624).
  • Editor: Fix incorrect encoding used in error handling functions (GH-61277).
  • Editor: Fix crash when drag-reordering array elements in the inspector (GH-61282).
  • Editor: Fix scene tree dock focus after using “Add Child Node” button (GH-61964).
  • GDScript: Fix editor undo history for function name autocompletion (GH-60231).
  • GDScript: Fix autocompletetion showing class names with an underscore (GH-62731).
  • GUI: FileDialog: Fix support for changing directory in user:// and res:// modes (GH-59838).
  • GUI: GraphEdit: Fix toggling minimap using the minimap_enabled property (GH-57239).
  • GUI: GraphEdit: Fix valid connections types being reversed (GH-60124).
  • GUI: Label: Fixed leading spaces pushing text outside autowrap boundary (GH-60233).
  • GUI: LineEdit: Fix clear button position for asymmetric StyleBox (GH-61496).
  • GUI: RichTextLabel: Fix implementation of remove_line() (GH-60618).
  • Import: Fix glTF texture filename decoding (GH-57685).
  • Input: Document that accumulated input is disabled by default (GH-62664).
    • This is actually due to a regression in 3.4. It’s kept disabled in this release for compatibility, but will be enabled by default in 3.5.
  • iOS: Fix simultaneous touches for different touch types (GH-60224).
  • iOS: Flush accumulated input events (GH-62842).
  • Linux: Fix X11 OS.is_window_maximized() (GH-59767).
  • Linux: Properly check for fullscreen toggle made through the Window Manager (GH-62543).
  • Physics: Skip compound shapes without child shapes in SpaceBullet::recover_from_penetration() (GH-59864).
  • Rendering: GLES2: Unpack blend shape arrays when necessary (GH-60829).
  • Rendering: GLES3: Unbind vertex buffer before calculating blend shapes (GH-60832).
  • Rendering: GLES3: Ignore support for S3TC texture compression on Android and iOS devices (GH-62909).
    • Few devices support this compression while they all support ETC2. Godot exports ETC2 by default and doesn’t take into account that mobile devices could need S3TC.
  • Rendering: Portals: Force full check on adding moving object (GH-61523).
  • UWP: Fix GDNative DLLs not being included on export (GH-61262).
  • UWP: Flush accumulated input events (GH-63341).
  • VisualScript: Fix copy paste issue in the editor (GH-54629).
  • VisualScript: Fix zoom handling in editor when jumping to functions (GH-60016).
  • Windows: Fix String.http_escape() non-standard behavior with MinGW (GH-61655).
  • XR: Update Meta hand tracking version (GH-60639).
  • Thirdparty libraries: zlib/minizip 1.2.12, mbedTLS 2.28.1, CA certificates from 2022-03-31, SDL GameControllerDB from 2022-07-15.
  • API documentation updates.

Known incompatibilities

As of now, there are no known incompatibilities with the previous Godot 3.4.x releases. We encourage all users to upgrade to 3.4.5.

If you experience any unexpected behavior change in your projects after upgrading to 3.4.5, please file an issue on GitHub.


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