Maybe you have already seen an AdPod around. They are three-sided giant multitouch-capable screens. The company behind them customizes them for very important customers for promotion campaings for things like movies (Disney, Universal).

They “skin” the device cosmetically for the targeted product and develop interactive apps that run on them. People walking by can interact with them, something which creates great product awareness and also entertains.

They have decided to use Godot for such development work! The switch from a well-known non-free engine they were using formerly has been a wise decision.

They were pretty confident about Godot’s features and solvency, but they needed multitouch support on Linux. That’s why they decided to hire someone to add it. However, as they feel so grateful for the Godot community for providing such a nice tool, they kindly decided to donate the code to the project!

What is more, they wanted to be sure that multitouch support is more widely available so the job was extended to ensuring it worked well on Windows too (it was already done, but needed some improvement) and creating well-commented examples in GDScript and VisualScript. Finally, they asked for all this to work on both Godot 2.1 and the upcoming 3.0.

We thank them for their contribution and for having become new Godot believers. They won’t regret!

Next time you see an AdPod, you’ll know Godot is ruling it. :)


For more information about them and what they do, you can visit their website: