Hugo Locurcio is hired to improve Godot's web infrastructure

By: Hugo Locurcio 7 October 2020

Hello! Calinou here. I've been a core Godot contributor for about 3 years now, working on the Godot editor, documentation and website. On top of that, I've developed many Godot-related tools such as the unofficial Godot nightly builds, Godot build options generator and the Godot class reference status viewer.

This month, I was hired full-time by the Godot team to rework and improve Godot's web infrastructure. While Godot's core engine now has many full-time developers working on it, the website and hosted platforms aren't as well-maintained in comparison. Being a web developer by trade and a generalist at heart, this was a natural choice for me.

Here are some of the items I'll be working on in the coming months:

  • Create a Godot Development Fund page to summarize the paid developers' efforts and improve funding transparency.
  • Deploy the new asset library developed by yours truly.
  • Create a new Showcase page featuring high-quality, published Godot projects.
  • Update the homepage with newer screenshots rotating over time.
  • Publish a community map with local communities.
  • Update the design of the Features page to better showcase the new features coming in Godot 4.0.
  • Integrate a Q&A system into the online Godot documentation.
  • Improve the online Godot documentation's search to return more relevant results. Add a way to filter between the manual pages and the class reference.
  • Add a C#/GDScript toggle to the online Godot documentation, to switch between snake_case and PascalCase naming conventions automatically.
  • Update software used on the various Godot community platforms.
  • Revise the web hosting setup for better performance and reliability.

This list is based on common suggestions from the community and may evolve in the future.

All my work is public and open to feedback, entirely done on GitHub. Follow me on Twitter to get development updates. Alternatively, you can watch the godot-website repository to get notified of all new issues and pull requests related to the website.