Last month we announced the date of our big community event in Europe, GodotCon 2018, which will take place in Brussels on 5 & 6 February 2018, right after the FOSDEM (where we will also have a stand and give a presentation of Godot 3).

The venue

At that time we hadn’t found a venue yet, as we were unsure about our numbers. We can now announce that GodotCon will be generously hosted by Ludus Académie, a game development school from Brussels, located at Quai du Commerce/Handelskaai, 48. This is a great fit for Godot as it’s a welcoming environment for gamedev projects, and they regularly host game jams and related events.

Make sure to bring your laptop to the event, as a big part of the fun is hacking away with Godot together in between talks, so you will definitely want to have your own device at hand.

Always refer to our events page for updated information about the GodotCon (and FOSDEM before that), and feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Call for Proposals

During GodotCon, we would like to have all kinds of presentations, workshops or other activities around Godot Engine, and we need you for this! We provide a venue and the main organisation, but we need contributors and users to actually fill this time with interesting talks, round tables, mini jams, or any idea you may have.

So if you plan to attend GodotCon, please think about what you might want to show to fellow Godot users. We are open to anything Godot-related, or even not directly related to Godot but still relevant for game or engine developers.

Here are some examples of what could be interesting as talks or workshops (some from last year, some new). It’s just an indicative list, be creative!

  • Introduction to the PBR workflow in Godot 3
  • Introduction to networked multiplayer in Godot
  • Introduction to GDNative
  • The Blender to Godot 3 asset pipeline
  • Presentation of your game(s), with return on experience
  • Presentation of your module or plugin
  • Tips for debugging Godot projects
  • Getting started with engine code contributions
  • How to contribute to the documentation
  • Python bindings for Godot 3
  • Using VisualScript for AI programming

As an indication, we propose a duration of 20 minutes (+ 5-10 min Q&A) for talks, though you can tell us if you’d prefer less or more time. A 5 min presentation of your game would be welcome, and a 30 min talk or workshop would be fine too if the topic is worth it :) Even longer workshops could be imagined (e.g. 1h or 1h30), in which case they might be in a separate room from the main event so that only the interested attendees take part in them.

Please send your proposals to contact at godotengine · org, with the following information:

  • Type (talk, workshop, round table, live demo, live tutorial… feel free to think outside the box)
  • Title
  • Abstract (short description of what it will be about)
  • Technical requirements (whether you need a projector, with or without sound, etc.)

Don’t overthink the above too much, given the late CfP we likely won’t be posting a detailed schedule on the website as done in bigger events, so this is mostly for us to tell you if your idea is interesting, and fit you in the schedule for the two days.

Last chance to register

If you haven’t registered for GodotCon yet, please do it ASAP using our registration form. We currently have 54 participants, which should fit well in our venue, but if we were to get 50 additional surprise attendees it might become problematic. So if you plan to attend the event and haven’t registered yet, please do it now :)