Godot will be at the Libre Software Meeting 2018 (also known as RMLL – Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) in Strasbourg, France from Saturday 7 July to Thursday 12 July. We will give a 1-hour talk, a 3-hour game development workshop, and there will be a Godot stand with core developers to welcome you for the whole duration of the event.

LSM is a yearly community event in France focused on Free/Libre and Open Source Software, and we’re looking forward to representing Godot there this year. At least three core developers will be there (Julian Murgia (StraToN), Gilles Roudière (Groud), and myself (Akien)), and we hope that some more as well as many Godot users will join us in Strasbourg. The location should make it relatively accessible for people from neighbouring regions of France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We have three Godot-related offers for visitors of the LSM. Note that they are all located in different buildings of the LSM venue, see the venue map as well as each activity’s page for details.

Indicative poll: It’s not mandatory, but to give us an idea of who to expect, you can add yourself to this poll. We may plan a Godot dinner and/or a real-life meeting if we have many community members around, so you can send me your contact details (email in the poll description) if you want to be in the loop.

Other LSM / RMLL activities

Check the event’s presentation, calendar of activities as a table and as a list.

We’re looking forward to seeing many new and old members of the Godot community in Strasbourg :)