Edit: This was of course a joke for April Fools’ Day 2019. Godot is not going public (and cannot, as it’s not owned by a company). There is truth behind the “Initial Pullrequest Offering” system outlined below though :)

We hear you and we understand your concerns. You feel like Godot, in the end, is not “public” enough. Even though there are over 800 contributors pushing code (surpassing any other engine, open or closed, on GitHub), Godot still doesn’t feel corporate enough. You miss the excitement of trading company shares, that can only happen when a company goes public.

Worry no longer! Today we announce that Godot will go public this year. Starting today, we are launching an IPO!


We will be launching our IPO (Initial Pullrequest Offering). This will allow you to own a piece of Godot.

I’m sure that you are confused at this point, but there is nothing strange about this, you actually can own it!


Godot is licensed under the MIT license and, like in any open source project, any contribution that is merged (via pull-request) is owned by its author under the same license. This way, the more you contribute, the more you actually own it. Still, the license ensures that your work will be shared, so your contributions are actual shares.


So, what benefits are there in owning a piece of Godot?

Shareholder meetings

Sharing a piece of Godot allows you to prove yourself as a capable contributor, and this makes it possible for you to be better prepared to discuss the direction of the project when me meet online (or IRL at GodotCons!). The more you share, the more you will help shape the future of Godot!

High frequency sharing

The more exciting part of trading for shares is the speculation part. Love watching at graphs every day? GitHub insights are the right tool for you!


Want to be part of this? Do your Initial Pullrequest Offering today and start contributing! You can start by checking out the engine development documentation and also taking a look to our junior job issues.


Oh, but we understand, and realize that many reading this were thinking of investing real money in Godot (who wouldn’t?). Well don’t worry, as there is still a way to do it! If you are not yet, please consider becoming our patron and help shape the future of the project!