We are happy to announce that the gaming platform OP Games is donating USD 100,000 to the Godot project. These funds will be used to further the general development of the engine.

As mentioned in their announcement, OP Games is also similarly supporting the open source game development tools Blender and Phaser, and the source available Defold engine.
OP Games is also actively looking for game developers interested in their platform, see this contact form for details.

Thank you OP Games for your support of Godot and other open source game development tools!

Like all grants, sponsoring and donations given to the not-for-profit Godot project, these funds are managed by our legal and fiscal sponsor Software Freedom Conservancy, and will be used to accelerate development of our free and open source game engine.

Such funding enables us to hire more contributors to work on the areas which need it most, as well as renew contracts for the currently hired contractors – always with the guarantee that all the work done by contractors is under Godot’s MIT license and beneficial to the community as a whole.

We’re thankful to all users and companies in the Godot community who take part in making this open source game engine, be it with code, documentation, user support, bug reports, or funding.