We are excited to announce that the Godot Engine will attend the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC), on March 20-24.

The Game Developer Conference is a yearly event in San Francisco, California. It is the world’s largest professional game industry event, with over 26,000 attendees. The conference features over 700 lectures, panels, and workshops on a variety of game development topics, as well as a large expo floor with over 500 exhibitors.

Thanks to W4 Games who are donating it, the Godot Engine will have its own booth for the first time. We got in touch and teamed up with a selection of Godot developers from all over the world to present their high-profile games at our booth, and share their Godot experience with visitors. This is an excellent opportunity if you want to meet the people behind the engine, or other like-minded folks, so come to hang out and play some of the fantastic games. You might even get some free swag ;)

We’ll give more details in coming months as we get closer to the event, so stay tuned!