Following our success at the GDC earlier this year, Godot will have a booth at the BIG Festival for the first time. BIG will happen between June 28th and July 2nd, so it is right around the corner.

BIG Festival is a huge event for indie game developers that happens yearly in Brazil since 2012. It is one of the biggest in Latin America and gathers out many big players in the industry, not only from Brazil but also from the rest of the world. It has a good amount space for showcasing games, an awards ceremony, and industry-related talks.

During GDC we met some of the organizers of the BIG Festival which started a conversation that ended up with our presence being confirmed at the event. Our booth is being kindly sponsored by W4 Games. Without the support of sponsors like them, our presence at the event would not have been possible.

We will also have a talk about the current state and plans for Godot’s growth, presented by one of the project’s co-founders: Ariel Manzur. It is scheduled to happen on Thursday, June 29th at 18:35 (local time), in Stage 1. You can see the details on the official program page.

While most Godot maintainers won’t be able attend — due to the difficulties of traveling and costs — you’ll find me at the booth together with volunteers and contributors interested in the project, and Lisandro Lorea from W4 Games. So if you’re in São Paulo for the event, make sure to come to say hi and talk about the project. See you there!