We have added new benefits for members of the Godot Development Fund! On our official forum, a special badge is now available as a thank you for your continued support. Likewise, you can get a custom role on our brand new official Discord server! Read the instructions below for connecting your accounts.

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Connecting your accounts

Forum Badge

The forum badges are assigned automatically to your Godot account when you become a Development Fund member. Make sure to use the same Godot account on the forum!

Badge with a golden Godot logo and the text "Fund Member - Member of the Development Fund", awarded to 47 users

If you are already a Development Fund member but your badge does not show up, make sure that you have signed in at least once to the Development Fund website. It may take up to 24 hours for the badge to appear on the forum.

Discord Role

Make sure you are subscribed and logged in to the Development Fund, then follow these instructions:

  1. Authorize our Discord application by clicking “Connect with Discord”:
    Screenshot of the Fund page showing the "Connect with Discord" option Screenshot of discord prompt asking for Authorization
  2. In the options for our Discord server, find and select the “Linked Roles” option
    Screenshot of discord server menu with "Linked Roles" option
  3. Choose the “Fund Member” role Screenshot of discord prompt asking for Authorization
  4. Click “Finish” to complete the process. Without finishing, the role won’t show up! Screenshot of discord prompt asking for Authorization

Not ready to become a member yet?

While this won’t give you a fancy badge or role, we have recently added the option for one-time donations. With this update, we also switched to Stripe as our payment provider to offer the option to donate via credit card in addition to PayPal.

For those of you that have been with the project for a long time already, you might remember our Patreon. In case you haven’t already, we encourage you to move your donation over to this self-hosted solution, as we receive more of your contributions here without the provider fees. Nonetheless, the page will stay up for the time being and also connect to the Discord mentioned above.

Thank you for ensuring that we can keep developing the Godot Engine!