As a non-profit organization in charge of an open-source project, transparency is important to us at the Godot Foundation. The project wouldn’t function without its incredibly dedicated community, and we want to listen to your requests asking for clearer communication and avoid giving anyone the feeling of being left out as we grow. This will happen not only in the form of the upcoming Financial Report, but include the smaller things too: introducing the people behind their screen names and sharing insights into the daily life of the someone working for the Foundation, for instance.

One way to implement these wishes: an increasing and louder social media presence! And since the programmers themselves are quite busy coding, the Foundation is welcoming Nathalie Galla, who will henceforth be in charge of Community & Communications at Godot. Together with Executive Director Emilio Coppola, she will build the basis for a growing communications team. This includes but is not limited to: shaping the new social media presence of the Foundation, handling public relation matters like press releases and influencer outreach, and aiding in the organization of community events.

Which leads us to another often encountered ask: more interaction with users of the Godot Engine, especially those not working on contributions themselves. The game developers that trust Godot’s continuous progress and ambitions, who decide to make their games and projects with us. Therefore, we are already working on ways to more efficiently gather feedback and better handle proposals. To get started, please fill out this Google Form so that we can compare expectations before setting a course.

Lastly, even though we only require funding to sustain our efforts and are never looking to turn a profit, we of course cannot neglect marketing efforts completely. The reasons stretch from wanting to welcome more diverse voices into the community, people who simply have not encountered Godot before, to hoping that our reach can be used to amplify community projects. Please follow us on the journey ahead!