In the past month, the excess donations accumulated so we are finally able to offer enough financial security to do an extra hire. Beginning November, Gilles Roudière (Groud) will be working full-time for the project, dedicated to 2D and general editor usability!


Gilles is responsible for the 2D editor in Godot, as well as some other areas such as the current filesystem dock and several improvements to Godot UI nodes. He has done an outstanding job, producing top quality contributions.

His main responsibility from now on will be to become the general editor maintainer. He will work on improving usability, adding features, and making sure that the experience with the built-in tools is the best as it can be.

Immediate priorities include improvements to the tilemap editor, animation editor, skeleton animation editors, and general 2D editor experience. Further ahead, more general improvements for the editor overall, based on your proposals.


We have more hires planned, but we need to increase our donations level for this. If you are not, please consider becoming our patron and help make this happen!