Meet Adrian, a game developer from Stockholm, Sweden. He co-organises Go Godot Jam, a one-month long community festival with a game jam included. Adrian answered a few questions.

Who are you, Adrian?

I am a game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. While I am passionate about creating games, I also want to help the gamedev community grow. I have created a few gamedev teams, a club, and more recently, the Redefine Gamedev YouTube channel. Here I want to grow together with other game developers by sharing quality content.

How did you find out about Godot?

At work, I have developed games and other software by using proprietary engines only. But in my free time, I have always sought a breath of fresh air. That led me to experiment with free game engines: from Irrlicht to Esenthel to Godot.

Upon closer inspection, I have found out that Godot is the perfect place for me to grow. So I began exploring it further, creating content for it, and helping others discover it as well.

What do you see in Godot?

Godot is a great game engine that unlocks possibilities for game developers. It is a free, open-source 2D and 3D engine that provides many features so that you can focus on your game.

Yet most people start developing games with proprietary engines such as Unity or Unreal. They are solid engines with a proven track record and a vibrant ecosystem. One advantage having experience with more than one engine can enable people to create better games. In the end, it’s up to each individual to pick the one that they’ll be most comfortable with to fulfil their creative vision.

I know that Godot has a lot to offer to new developers, with a distinctive approach to game development which enables more people to express their creativity. It’s open, focused on user-friendliness, easy to learn, yet feature-packed and a great fit for many types of games. As such, I want to increase awareness of the engine so that more users decide to try it out and add it to their toolset.

How can we supercharge Godot?

We, the community, are the fuel that can supercharge Godot. We can spread awareness, clarify misunderstandings, and in the end, show it to the world. At the same time, we can also carve a path for new people to get started on their gamedev journeys.

One way to achieve this is to organise a Godot event that will ripple in the gamedev community, offering a lot of content for both existing Godot developer and new people that want to approach the engine but just don’t know how to.

What is Go Godot Jam?

With Go Godot Jam, we want to try a new format which complements existing Godot events. Go Godot Jam is a gamedev festival with a game jam included. It is the work of several content creators in the Godot community.

Beginning May 6, Go Godot Jam has been hosting online streams that will be continuing until the start of the Jam! They include:

  • Showcases of the use-cases, workflows, and features of Godot
  • Comparisons of Godot with other game engines to debunk myths
  • Tutorials to help beginners get started with gamedev on Godot

Then Go Godot Jam will have the game jam while the events continue. The game jam is open to everyone.

We will announce the themes of the Jam before the start.

The Jam leaves time to design, develop, and test a game with plenty of time to learn Godot too. But why wait until then? Head over to the Learning Resources on and start learning today!

The Go Godot Jam timeline in a nutshell is:

  • May 6 - June 9 (the entire period):
    • High-Quality Streaming
  • May 24 - June 2 (10 days):
    • The Game Jam
  • June 3 - June 8 (6 days):
    • Voting Period
  • June 9:
    • Online Award Ceremony

How do I join?

We prepared everything at Here you will find:

  • The complete Go Godot Jam timeline with links to all content
  • Jam-specific information: rules, themes, submission, etc.
  • Learning resources from our partners and many more

We only ask you to uphold the rules of the Jam and the Godot’s code of conduct.

Wait, is this for me?

Yes. Go Godot Jam is open for anyone who wants to make games. You don’t have to be a Godot Developer to enter the Jam! Whether you are starting or have developed games in other engines, we got you covered.

Who are the people behind the festival?

Several active members of the community have partnered up to bring Go Godot Jam to life. The organisers are:

Thank you for the interview, Adrian! Any words at the end?

Thank you too!

Go Godot Jam will be so much fun!

I am really glad to take part of what has been a growing community of content creators and events organisers aroung Godot and I can’t wait to see more of it!

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