It’s time for 2022’s first GoGodotJam!

GoGodotJam is a Festival that celebrates Godot’s Awesome Community. Join them in live events with tutorials, workshops, interviews and more - all culminating with a Game Jam.

In this edition there will be not one, but two Game Jams:

  • GoGodotJam CLASSIC - for people that want to participate casually, with a timespan of 2 weekends and one week using the same recipe as the last 2 editions
  • GoGodotJam ULTRA - for people that want a challenge, like high-risk high-reward situations and, of course, big prizes: $240+ and counting

Here is the full schedule:

  • Full event: 10th of May - 18th of June
  • Game Jam Classic: 27th of May - 6th of June
  • Game Jam ULTRA: 27th of May - 31th of May
  • Results ULTRA: 7th of Jun
  • Results Classic: 18th of Jun

More information on GoGodotJam’s official website.