After five months from the first GoGodotJam, the event is back!

GoGodotJam is a month-long festival ending with a game jam. During the event, you can expect tutorials and interviews with Godot creators on a daily basis. This time, the event is also organizing a fundraiser, in which 50% of the proceeds should be donated to Godot!

The GoGodotJam started on the first of November and will continue through the month until December 5. In detail, these are the relevant dates:

  • 1st Nov – 5th Dec: Festival
  • 19th Nov – 30th Nov: Game Jam
  • 1st Dec – 4th Dec: Voting & Streaming
  • 5th Dec: Wrap-up

You can also check out the full schedule.

We’re always happy to see so many community initiatives around Godot and we can’t wait to see all the fun games you’ll make. Happy developing!