We bring you three brand-new videos showcasing what the Godot Engine can do. As always we have separate videos for games targeting desktop/console and games targeting mobile devices. This year we are proud to introduce a new category called “Apps & Tools” to highlight non-game creations made with Godot. This is a field that has been growing a lot, so we wanted to shine a light on the great projects released or under development.

Many of our core contributors and maintainers voted to make the final list in each category, and this year was particularly hard. There were way too many good projects, and we couldn’t include them all to keep the videos at a reasonable length and pace – but don’t be discouraged if your entry didn’t make it, we’ll have more opportunities to showcase great projects, including next year’s showreels.

Desktop/Console showreel

Edited by Emi. Music track: Race The Sun - Scott Buckley (CC-BY 4.0).

Mobile showreel

Edited by Brandon. Music track: Melt - Broke For Free (CC-BY 3.0).

Apps & Tools showreel

Edited by Emi. Music track: Tango - Octomuse (Used with permission).

Check the description of the YouTube videos for details on all the showcased projects and links to their relevant pages.

Thank you!!